Paragon Achievement in Mass Effect

  • Paragon



    Accumulate 75% of total Paragon points

  • How to unlock Paragon

    On Noveria, when you are given the oppurtunity to accept the assignment from Lorik Qui'in to get the evidence to catch the Salarian (Anoleis, the administrator guy who has his own office) in his rend-based scandal, agree to it. He will open up the shut-down elevator, go down there and get the evidence. Upon exiting to go back to him you will run into Gianna (receptionist lady), so talk to her then go meet her in the hotel/bar. She will ask you to get him to agree into turning Anoleis in, agree and go talk to Lorik Qui'in. Talk to him, and do the following:

    Step 1:

    • (Top Right) Testify against Anoleis
    • (Top Left) {Paragon} You'd be a hero
    • OR
    • (Bottom Left) {Renegade} Damn right I will

    Step 2:

    • Talk to him again
    • (Left) Matriarch Benezia
    • (Bottom Right) Another Question
    • *Repeat step 1*

    Repeat these two steps for whichever one you want until the achievement unlocks, then switch to the other for that achievement. Remember to do whichever way you DON'T want your character to be first so when you finish with the second achievement, you are high in either Paragon or Renegade, depending on your preference.

  • It's not mentioned here, but there is a Charm/Intimidation check for the Paragon/Renegade options, respectively.
  • Go to Noveria, play through til you get to a part where you have to break into a Turian's (Lorik Qui'in's) office to get some data. Once you have the data you will be approached by Anoleis's assistant and she will ask you to get Qui'in to testify. Speak to him and tell him to testify, make sure you already have enough paragon as well as charm points to select the paragon option. Selecting it will net you around +24paragon points. After he agrees speak with him again and ask him about Benezia, after his reply choose to ask him another question. The ability to ask him to testify will appear again and choose the paragon option for another +24 paragon points. Then just rinse and repeat til the achievement pops. *Note* This can also be done for the renegade achievement, just make sure you
  • the suggestion above works. if you use it to get high points for both renegade and paragon you will gain the options to do both optional missions near the end of the game. if you only have enough points for one or none of the missions you will get to only do one or none. using the above just lets you play more of the game...
  • Well this sucks! I knew all about this exploit coming up and was looking forward to getting both paragon/renegade points achievements in one go since I don't like to play as renegade. I had only read the achievement guide description which does not indicate I needed a renegade check. There's been almost 4 years to add that to the guide. Way to fail guide! If I had known that I would have made sure to put some more points into intimidate.
  • The exploit mentioned above works but is known to sometimes cause data corruption, especially when trying to use said data to start a ME2 game. A safer, faster way (though only for Paragon) is to do the mission involving the little silver monkeys. I can't remember details other than you go to a planet to recover an item from a fallen satelite but find that a monkey has taken it. You will find the money inside a mine, after clicking on it and receiving the item, if you didn't kill any monkeys you will receive paragon points. Save the game, re load and you can click on the monkey again as many times as you want, getting paragon points each time. Basically you'll get full paragon in literaly 2 seconds. I did this when playing through ME again today on the 360, so I know it hasn't been fixed f
  • The Charm/Intimidate check is for 5pts, by the way.
  • Confirmed as of 05/09/14 to still not be patched. Sooo, probably never will be.

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