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    Story Complete [MEDIUM]


    See Payne In The Ass achievement description.

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  • I just beat Max Payne on the medium setting a few minutes ago and I didn't get this achievement! Sadface. I got to the credits, sat through the entire list of names (spoiler, there's a bunch) and even though I got the achievement for beating the third and final part of the game, no "Feel The Payne" achievement popped up. I'm not a big achievement whore, but I would have liked to have gotten credit. (And no, I did not switch difficulty setting during the game, it was on medium the whole time)
  • This also happened to me. Although I beat it on hard. I didn't change the difficulty either.
  • You can't have Hard Lock aiming turned on or the achievements won't work. It warns you before you start, I don't know if that is what happened to you guys, but it's still good to know.
  • Fu*k that happened yo me :'(
  • I had softlock on from Act 1 and still didn't get it. :
  • Thats what you get for playing it on medium(and with soft lock)
  • well to be honest with ya why would u even have it on hard lock it wouldnt be any fun but it is so much better in free aim and also i love this game :)
  • Xbox is retarded. I beat the game on hard and it unlocked both the Serious Payne and Feel The Payne achievements.
  • fun one to get
  • I played it on medium with soft lock and got it.. I didn't get an achievement warning with soft lock, only hard lock.
  • @8 they are stackable, thats why you got both. now do it on hardcore and old school ;)
  • This should b easy
  • this game is time consuming to get full achievements!
  • what messed this achievement up for us is we played the slow motion shooting scenes for achievements that's what messed it up probably
  • How do I set my gamer tag or is it
  • I just unlocked this achievement and I had soft lock on the entire game.
  • Hey there! Having problem with chapter 14 at the beggining (the hangar section) so going to leave that way for now and do some other achievements on easy. But, changing the difficulty affect this achievement?
  • #6 "Thats what you get for playing it on medium(and with soft lock)" WTF is this cocky brat talking about? Yes, you DO get this achievement on Medium difficulty with soft auto-aim. Hard auto-aim stops this achievement, not soft. Mong.

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