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    Story Complete [HARD]


    See Payne In The Ass achievement description.

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  • I finished story on hard. but this achievement not unlocking what's the problem?
  • I think you have to start a new game on hard with free aim.
  • If you want to earn the Serious Payne achievement, you have to start without free aim, you will see when changing it midst game, it will tell you you have to keep it on free aim to unlock achievements
  • This fuckign sux, went through the whole campaign on Hard with free aim and no achivement but i started through the chapter select option... i guess u have to start through the New Game option?? if this is true i have just wasted alot of time and feel abit sad ;(
  • I played the entire game on hard and no achievement.
  • Also, I noticed those unlockable options for infinite ammo, painkillers, every kill is a kill-cam, etc. Is there a way to turn those on for the harder difficulties and have it count, or not? My guess would be no, but since it doesn't specify, I figured it's worth checking out. So has anybody figured out why it hasn't unlocked for you guys?
  • GLITCHED ACHIEVEMENT :( it says on rockstar social club i completed it on hard but no achievo :( i didn't even get the achievo for medium difficulty. Do they stack on old school??
  • Also i did it all on free aim ( i have all the bullet time cheevos as proof)
  • beat the whole game from chapter select and no achievement this is really frustrating.
  • It's not glitched. I beat it on this mode with free aim and got stacked achievements. All modes require FREE AIM to get achievements!
  • Okay i completed this on hard first time through, but didn't put free aim on straight away but changed it about 10 minutes in when i realised it affected the achievements do i have to do the whole campaign again or just those first 10 minutes?
  • #11 I would run thru the first chapter over again on hard with free aim and see if the cheevo pops
  • #11 i just found out from Rockstar support you will have to do the entire campaign over again on hard for the achievement to unlock. however; if you want you can run the campaign again on hardcore or oldschool and the achievements will stack
  • My first time through the game, I started on hard with free aim. Completed every chapter and didn't get story complete on medium or hard achievements. Also hardcore mode did not unlock. This is really frustrating as I put all the time into beating every level on hard and got nothing for it. Any ideas?
  • Guys, I don't think this can be done on Chapter Select. Start a NEW game and use the necessary options in order for these achievements to unlock. ALSO, you aren't allowed to change your aiming options on certain difficulties. Keep that in mind and your achievements should pop. Chapter Select, I believe, is just to get certain story-driven achievements (the Free Aim ones) and help get your Grinds done.
  • So for EXAMPLE, start a New Game on HARD and DO NOT try to change any of your aiming options while playing on HARD (Soft Lock, Hard Lock, Free Aim) EXCEPT your aiming speed options. If you play with Free Aim the ENTIRE time through your 'NEW GAME', the achievement should pop. I do wish Rockstar would have CLARIFIED this to its players. It would've helped a LOT.
  • there's nothing to clarify. it clearly states when you start a game to use free aim to unlock achievements. i went to new game > hard > free aim, and got the achievement.
  • @17: Quit trying to be the [email protected]$$ of the group. Obviously, there IS something to clarify. People have been trying to do this through Chapter Select. I was just trying to help those who DIDN'T know this information. I've only beaten the game once, so I actually don't remember it stating what you've said, but it sounds like you COULD be correct. It's just no need for trying to make someone feel stupid. I have the Official Strategy Guide for this game and it's A LOT of things that aren't fully explained about the game LIKE the ACTUAL effects of what a single Golden Gun will do to help kill an enemy faster. It never says it. But then Rockstar LATER comes out and says that a Golden Gun supposedly adds 10% more damage with each shot and has a bigger clip. Don't you think a little MORE clarific
  • ation (like what Chapter and/or Checkpoint to get Free Aim achievements on) could have helped out a BUNCH? That's why people are coming here for help. I'm glad you found it out on your own as well as I have, but there are people out there that are TRULY puzzled and I can understand why they are. But that's what this site is for. To HELP others....
  • Well, that explains it! Started a new game on Hard with Hard Lock and didn't get achievement after completing campaign. Now I find out u have to use Free Aim only. So, explain why the game offers different targeting assists if you can't use them in a single campaign mode? They should only be available if you do Chapter Select. Nonsense...Rockstar!
  • It would be nice if they would have specified (free aim) if it was specific. Like all the other aim specific achievements
  • I am sick of these glitch's, I finished every level on hard from the chapter select and i didn't get it or unlock old school.
  • Finished it on Hard w/ Free Aim, popped shortly before the cutscene. Gonna go for the Old School chevo. By far the best game I've played in a long time.
  • Got this one today too!!!
  • Very difficult (
  • I didn`t find this that hard
  • #10 is wrong. Not all Story difficulties require free aim to get the achievement - Medium can be done with 'soft auto aim' (but not 'hard auto aim'). Hard, Old School and Hardcore require Free Aim though, I think, but the game was too basic, repetitive and linear to make me want to play it any further. 5/10.

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