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    Story Complete [OLD SCHOOL]


    See Payne In The Ass achievement description.

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  • I wonder if OLD SCHOOL difficulty has health items and doesn't heal auto. or is the whole game like that?
  • Based on the high gamerscore value for this one (80), I'm guessing this is gonna be something similar in concept to the "Hardcore" setting on "Fallout: New Vegas" where you had to constantly drink water, eat food, and sleep enough just to survive... and weight penalties were applied to everything... even ammo. But obviously they'll have to do something completely different with this concept since Max Payne is a Shooter, not an RPG. Just my guess though. Looking forward to finding out just how wrong I was... Cheers :-)
  • Old school mode makes me think no regenerating health and just painkillers like the previous max paynes.
  • i have max payne and old school mode is "Brutal difficulty without last man standing there to save you" its harder the hardcore mode and this game is mission based no running around really well only on the mission map its nothing like GTA or RDR
  • @#3 ... I hope this game is nothing like FALLOUT NEW VEGAS, that game sucks!
  • Hardcore and Old School modes are unlocked by beating the Story on Hard difficulty.
  • Max Payne 3 is so good
  • I haven't quite finished on hard yet but old school is the next tier then hardcore
  • Do you get the hardcore achievement if you beat old school or is it the other way areound or none
  • I don't understand why does the icon for this achievement have a smaller muscle than Hardcore mode? Shouldn't this be the "tougher" achievement? Was this a dev error?
  • I'm assuming these are stackable, no?
  • all i wanna know is if i need to play hardcore after this, cause with nym and nym hardcore i dont think im gunna wanna play through this game for the 5TH time, ive already reloaded most of the game for the small achievements and im assuming nym hardcore wont take me one try so im seeing my 1000gs on this game slipping away, sigh -_-
  • I can confirm that it does NOT stack. I just completed 'Old School' difficulty and all I got was the 'Payne In The Ass' achievement.
  • u mean maximum payne right? i can conform that, no stacking for this one, thats so dumb, this was a real pain! im not sure if thats a pun or not.
  • This achievement was easy enough, especially with all the practice I got from playing through the fucking campaign twice before. Sadly, you can't change Max's default skin like in Arcade mode, which makes replaying Story mode 3+ times over somewhat boring.
  • Sooo, I beat the game on Hard today and probably died around 10 times per chapter on average. I'm not too shabby at shooters but I'm not 1337 either.. I just started a game on Old School and I'm into the 3rd chapter and I've died a total of 2 times so far. It seems really easy. I think the main thing is knowing enemy spawns. If you know that this seems like a piece of cake.
  • ^^ Also. I'm playing with Free Aim of course.
  • Do you half to use free aim or can you use soft aim?
  • @19 If you want to earn any of the Difficulty based achievements you HAVE to use FREE AIM.
  • Cheers for that
  • @Shug, I completely agree. Old School seemed so much easier than my initial Hard playthrough but that could just be based on experience. I'm right at the end of my Hardcore play and it hasn't been anymore difficult than Hard. Even though you noticeably take a lot more damage. Perhaps knowledge is key here. The worst thing I've encountered is not being able to skip the cutscenes. I'm not looking forward to my NYM playthroughs.
  • can you do the hardest achievement and get all the lower difficulty achievements as well?
  • @23 Not all of them, as far as I know the only difficulty achievements that stack are Hard & Medium.
  • That's right. If you start on Hard it will stack Medium only. This is why the 1kGS requires 5 playthroughs. 3 for Story Mode (Hard, Old School & Hardcore) and 2 for NYM (Standard & Hardcore) The unlocks should be as follows: Finishing the Game on Any Difficulty Unlock New York Minute mode in Arcade Mode Finishing the Game on Medium: Unlock Character Select Option in Arcade Mode Finishing the Game on Hard: Unlock Old School Difficulty Unlock Hardcore Difficulty Unlock Unlimited Painkillers Cheat Finishing the Game on Old School: Unlock Max Payne Advanced Character Model Finishing the Game on Hardcore: Unlock One Hit Kill Cheat
  • Just completed Old School difficulty and probably died about 25 times during the entire playthrough. Knowledge of enemy spawns is definitely the key here.
  • and free aim has to be used as well right?
  • Yes.
  • Old School is definitely easier than Hard Mode by far and I can confirm that there is no stacking but right after you blow up the airplane and the achievement appears, hit the XBox button in the middle of your remote and select to go back to the dashboard. Then reload the game, select to continue and you will begin again right behind the airplane. Change the difficulty to Hardcore, blow up the airplane and get the achievement for completeing the game on Hardcore. The cheat will not work if you just reload the checkpoint. Also I used chapter 14 checkpoint 10 which is when you are in the hangar for farming the Grind. You can use it for shootdodge kills, shootdodge time, prone kills, kills on your back, pistol kills, rifle kills, double weapon kills, and shooting grenades out of the a
  • Thanks #29 you saved me an extra playthrough
  • Yup, #29 you saved my sanity. thanks.
  • you are welcome #30 and #31
  • this difficulty is harder than a vicar in a brothel.
  • I just finished playing through on medium. I should have seen this post sooner. Can anyone verify if it actually works?
  • @29 just attempted the switchdown from old school to hardcore and it did not pop :( the devs may have patched this in this weeks update, so be careful everyone
  • Yea #29's work around did not work for me either...bummer.
  • because of the patch. The new update that rockstar released fixed this glitch.
  • Did not realize that it had to be on (free aim) did the whole campaign and got nothing now I get to do it all over again. Wish it said (free aim) like the other cheevos
  • Can the glitch be activated if the patch is removed ?
  • @29 Is this still possible after the Game update ? And are there any rewards for beating the Game on Old School Mode ? Is this legit to unlock the 2Achievements in a short period of time.. I mean first you get the Achievement for finishing on Old School mode and after 5 min. you get the other Achievement for finishing on Hard Mode ! Achievements are Time Stamped. So not that Microsoft will Reset our Gamerscore for Cheating, if we do it this way.. Just asking ?
  • not that bad.
  • Wow, I didn't realise how much grinding would be involved in this game!
  • Challenging but not impossible, once you get into the swing of things you might even have fun. I just don't understand why this difficulty had to be here, people are going to have to play this game at least five times to get 1000G and there's only one feature difference between Old School and Hard... Rockstar, you're wasting our time bro.
  • I found this achievement to be a lot easier and more worth pursuing than finishing New York Minute mode.
  • Just beat Old School and wasn't really that difficult. Didn't get the achievement though. I'm guessing it's either because I used chapter select or because the game crashed during two levels. I tried to resume those levels from the checkpoint I left off on, but no luck. Just a heads up for anyone else attempting this.

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