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    Complete Part I Of The Story

    Story related, cannot be missed.

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  • Okay, help me out here you guys. I've finished up to Chapter 5; many are saying Part I is only up to Chapter 4. This didn't unlock for me. Is there something specific that needs to be done? I thought this was pretty straightforward...
  • you get the achievement at the end of chapter 5
  • I agree with Emphosix, I just got it at the end of chapter 5.
  • Same,I got it after chapter 5 as soon as the cutscene kicks in. Join my crew people StokeOnTrentWarriors I will recruit anyone who plays max payne 3 often, and will be playing gta v often as soon as its out XD **AFTER 10 PEOPLE JOIN THE TENTH PERSON CAN PUT FORWARD 3 NAMES OF HIS/HER CHOICE TO RENAME THE CREW**
  • ok guys stuffed up here i went out of the room for a minute and told my brother to play he put it on easy i just found out that u cant get the acheivement to start it on easy is it the same for this
  • If anyone wants to get the online achievements, just add me RafaChiliPepper.
  • haha pretty easy
  • Hi all. I've got problem with story campaign. I've finished Act I, got the achievement then after the cutscene where Max shaves his head i can not continue. I've downloaded MP3 from Marketplace. It says: "missing downloadable content required" please advice... I tried to download every free pack from Marketplace and it's still not working...

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