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    Complete Part III Of The Story

    Story related, cannot be missed.

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  • Great game, loved it every step of the way until the end!
  • Awful, extremely one-dimensional gameplay, basic yet over-complicated story, totally linear levels (which take FOREVER to load). The characters are all unlikeable - especially Max. Implausible gameplay - Max is self-deprecating, yet superhumanly killed nearly 2000 people during my play-through. All it is is shooting groups of the enemy and walking to the next group! No grenades or melee weapons even! The worst bit is the game switching your weapon back to pistol all the time after (unskippable) cutscenes! Also - was this game made buy Mahatma Gandhi!? You let Victor live, are expected to let Becker live, and the worst scumbag of all - Serrano - who executes the girl you spend most of the game trying to rescue, is actually pitied in the end and allowed free! 5/10.

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