A New York Minute Achievement

  • A New York Minute



    Finish In A New York Minute


    This mode is unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty. You initially have only have 1 minute to finish each chapter, but kills earn you more time. The timer will stop during cut scenes and slows in bullet time.

    Also see The Shadows Rushed Me achievement description.

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  • I hope this only means the section where Max is in New York and not the whole story o_o
  • since GTAIV had an achievement like that, I wouldn't be surprised... Whatever, I'm already not buying this for 360 because of the online achis.
  • Sad news for you. New York Minute is a mode where you only have a limited time to finish a checkpoint, if not the whole level (I do not remember exactly). This game will require multiple playthroughs, because of difficulty, and this mode, which is unlocked after finishing tha game for the first time.
  • So like story mode, with a time limit on each segment of a level? Cool. Should give it that arcade gaming feel.
  • @2 can't tell if serious
  • For a sec I was worried this meant beat the game in 60 mins. Short fuking game :/ I'm really looking foreword to this game, pre ordered special edition
  • @2 I could understand if Max Payne wasn't your type of game but why would you choose not to buy a game solely for the fact that it has online achievements? Such a dumb reason.
  • i struggle to get 1000 points on rockstar games didnt do it on red dead or gta becasue of the amount of online shit but i still play em and get as many points as i can beacuse there awesome games, there is no way i will not play a game just becasue the 1000 is hard to reach.
  • Can't wait to 1000 this, should be fun and have finished every rockstar game on xbox except table tennis and bully :P
  • @2 you disgust me.
  • @2 Achievements are cool to try to unlock, but to swear off a game of this caliber because you don't like the inclusion of online cheevos is pathetic. Rockstar online achievements are always pretty fun to work on too. I had a blast with Red Dead's. You don't even deserve to play games.
  • Like Number 3 said, this was a mode in the previous games that gave you a time limit for each checkpoint. It really wasn't that difficult, as the base difficult was on Normal.
  • Anyone that hates online achievements is a vagina.
  • @ 9 Go buy Bully and complete it ASAP! You call yourself a Rockstar fan ;)
  • I hate online achievemens soo much
  • New York Minute = You start off with, for example, 20 seconds. when the timer reaches zero it's game over. you can add time by killing.
  • @14 I can't man I did as much as I could but those damn mini games and lessons are a BITCH! :P
  • @13... HEY! McFLY! Goddamnit! I happen to be a HUGE fan of the vagina, okay?! So PLEASE, find something else to call those damn online-achievement-haters! :-)
  • New York minute is an arcade game mode for the story, has time limit but the cut scenes are not included, also I think it can be done in co-op. shouldn't be too hard
  • Achievement should be called "Finish In A Nek Minnit"
  • To all the guys criticizing @2, keep in mind that he only said he was not buying the game ON XBOX360. To me it sounded like he implied he was going to buy it on another platform.
  • Um.. I'm sure as the name implies, a new York minute, you get 1 minute on the clock, and gain additional time per kill don't you? Been years since I played the originals...
  • @17 - What Bully is much easier than GTA4 & RDR. Try again. :)
  • @13 u r such a vagina ur self. some people have modified dvd roms or jtagged consoles. and theres always a risk to get a ban if u play online from modified console. but at least u get all ur games for free
  • p.s. my gamescore is actually over 70K. i just havent been online since i modified my console
  • @24 Sorry but, mate of mine has been playing games atleast week before release, ONLINE aswell and never got banned ( for securily checked games ) he did get banned on other console for non secured games so, what you are saying is not correct.
  • people with hacked/modified consoles complaining about ANYTHING game-related at all are the biggest vaginas. period.
  • dose anyone know if u need to get the bronze on all chapters for the achievement?
  • Do you have to do this on Hard? Or is any mode okay.
  • I would also like to know if you need to bronze all chapters for this achievement, and does it have to be done on free aim? or is soft lock okay?
  • Does it say you need bronze or does it just say finish... Jesus ppl i got it yesterday. Just FINISH EVERY LEVEL ON NEW YORK MINUTE
  • @31 other achievements don't list requirements, yet there are some. gfy.
  • Uh no none of these achievements are vague. Easy to tell what you need to do. On ever ach. So you go fuck yourself for being a dumbass if you're So worried about getting achievements that you have to come on here and ask obvious questions before you play, you're deemed a faggot. And a loser. Just play the damn game.
  • this site is used to help people and its a 100 point achievment.we should have simple answers not people fighting with eachother leave that for deathmatch see you online
  • Yeah but lfifallx is right - r people really that stupid simple says finish new York minute nothing about bronze or gold fucking morons
  • Does anybody know if you can still unlock this achievement if you use soft lock?
  • Yes, you get the option to use either Free-Aim or Soft-Lock, in story mode it wouldnt of unlocked with soft lock as it says so when u try to start the game, but in new york minute u can choose soft lock.
  • @27 Vagina period.......ewwwww.
  • @All of you idiots slagging off @2 ... Not all of us are so happy to pay the extortionate price for Xbox Live any more. He probably means he'll play on PS3 because it's free! If I had the choice I'd play multi-platform multiplayer games on PS3 over the Xbox nowadays.
  • Cannot wait to get this game. However, I'm getting it for the pc so i can ply it in HD 3D!!! Ps- i've got ALL the achievos in RDR and GTAIV... Had a blast getting them too:)
  • Okay can someone please clarify what it is you need to do for this achievement. Do you simply need to beat New York Minute? Do you need to a mass a total number of minutes over all the missions? I'm not quite sure what it means. Help would be appreciated.
  • Complete each part of the New York Minute story without your timer running out. You start with 1 min on the clock and each kill earns you more time.
  • this is so fucking annoying, the cutscenes, something needs to be done, i dont think i can watch another one, dont think i will bother getting this cheevo.
  • #42 Thankyou Skweezle, can it be done on any difficulty? I would like to simply throw the game onto easy and put hard lock on if possible
  • Just to clarify - All you need to do is SIMPLY complete the levels without the time running out. What medals you earn are irrelevant.
  • There's no choice of difficulty but you can 'soft aim'. I'm already stuck on chapter 3! The cut scenes are sooo long when you;ve been through it four times already. Has anyone got any tips on this? There's a long time between enemies and I find myself running straight at enemies and getting killed because my time's running out and I haven't stopped to find painkillers.
  • Scrub that...I finally got past it. BIG TIP - Use free aim every time. You get a high percentage of headshots and each one earns 20% more time on the clock. Got through the next 4 levels with plenty of time because of it.
  • #43 the cutscenes are the loading screens. I'd rather watch a cutscene then just staring at a loading screen for 10 minutes...
  • The time has never been an issue for me so far. I am very much a run'n'gun type of player. I finished chapter 3 with over 4 mins left, it's not that hard at all I didn't think, personally. My hatred of this though is that the game robs your painkillers away from you all the time. I have had 6 at one checkpoint, the cutscene, start with 2! WTF!
  • I dont get it, how do i get this achievement?
  • I just got this game and it looks hard lol
  • God you all are children. Everyone has to bitch at each other. I thought this site is for information, not criticism. Take it to the death match you fucking babies.
  • Sux u have to start the whole chapter over I u die
  • #53..really sucks
  • I got all the way to Chapter 13, the UFE Police Station, but it is SUCH a long mission with so many cheap areas and that stupid 'shoot the ceiling" boss fight. It's driving me nuts - I don't think it's worth it. If anybody has any straight up protips that I'm not thinking of, let me know. (I know I need to use the grenade launcher and take out the cars, etc)
  • @48 You're nuts if you think a loading screen would actually take 10 minutes without the cutscenes. The fact you can't skip them is a massive blunder. Skippable cutscenes is gamemaking 101. Sure, they do a bit of loading in the background, but they are loading the rest of the cutscene in the background most of the time. Loading the game fresh from a checkpoint takes what.. 20 seconds?
  • fun
  • What the fuck is wrong with this game?! I'm on the first level doing standard New York Minute mode and so far it's glitches out on me 3 times. Firstly I lost all sound apart from the guns, which now sound like popcorn in a microwave. On two separate occasions now when cutscenes are meant to happen its just stayed in third person as me controlling Max only to allow me to move around but not shoot or. It initiate the scenes. I thought this game would have had basic glitches like this removed by now.
  • Just found a major glitch in NYM. Finished max payne a month or so ago and I had started into new york minute. I got to chapter 13 before having any trouble and couldn't seem to beat it so I went back into the chapters and finishing my grinds and then set it aside. Today I figured I'd get back into finishing NYM when I found it to be locked. Thinking I had lost all my progress, I almost flipped shit. But then I got to thinking maybe replaying the chapters on a lower difficulty 're-locked' new york minute. So i loaded up chapter XIV section 14 on a high difficulty and destroyed the plane and this method worked to unlock it again with my progress intact. Thought that I'd share this since I found nothing online about this problem.
  • Just to confirm chapter 3 was a nightmare for me. Straight after the cut scene , where max has his back on a pillar. There is a guy walking towards you on the right, it glitched here numerous of times, where by max seemed to be stuck on the wall. A grenade was thrown, and basically game over. Sit back and watch them lovely cut scenes again.
  • Finally done!
  • @55, haven't played the shoot the ceiling boss on hardcore yet, but there is a place at the front of the room on the left. It's on the outside (right) of the office cubicle. You can see the target ceiling, but the boss can't see you. Took me dying lots before finding it. This is after you shoot out the first ceiling. He moves to the left upstairs. Then move to the spot. Hope it works for you, bro.
  • Fucking sucksssss you have to start the chapter over if you die. I know literally every enemy spawn on this game but I still find myself running into little Rockstar glitches left and right, and getting myself killed. -Time is not an issue (usually), the medal you receive does NOT matter for the Achievement, nor does soft-lock. -In my opinion, the Challenge Mode is much more easy to complete than NYM.

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