The Shadows Rushed Me Achievement

  • The Shadows Rushed Me



    Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore


    This mode is unlocked after beating the game on any difficulty. You initially have only have 1 minute to finish each chapter, but kills earn you more time. The timer will stop during cut scenes and slows in bullet time. Headshots, cover, precision and bullet time will be crucial on this playthrough as well as speed. Use the Painkiller Location Guide. Painkillers are very handy in your NYM:HC playthrough as well as Old School and Hardcore playthroughs.

    If you die in this playthrough you will restart back at chapter one, so be very careful when toward the end.

    Also see Payne In The Ass achievement description for Harcore playthrough tips.

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  • Going to be the hardest achievement. Not only on Hardcore, but also NYM. Pfft... hate being timed on hard settings.
  • Finish the whole game without dying from what I've heard, imagine dying on the last chapter :L
  • Holy shit. I'm dying left and right on hard, can't imagine beating the entire game on hardcore WITHOUT dying... Not giving up just yet though. It'd be nice if you get a Dead Space 2 thing where you can save maybe every third of the game or something; the problem for me is more playing the game for several hours straight than the actual difficulty.
  • ok for all of you saying this is the whole game in one sitting your wrong so stop confusing people
  • Death = restart chapter, it's all good.
  • 4 playthroughs :( 1.hard:to unlock hardcore and old school 2.old school york minute york minute hardcore (unlocked after beating nym)
  • 5 oldschool and hardcore do not stack
  • Oh man.... at least single player grinds will be easier
  • No, deaths = start over entirely, the whole thing. And also, the time stacks. Say you beat a level at 2:30, the next level you'll start at 2:30, well, it did on my game, but mine might be glitched. I got to Chapter 7 (directly after the disc swap) but died. I had 2 painkillers and was sooo close to dying. Popped one, then ACCIDENTLY popped a second one, turn out i needed that second one later on. So aggrivated. And some have asked if you get a free checkpoint after the disk swap. The answer is no. You don't get any checkpoints the whole way through. You CAN'T die. Ever. I'm so frustrated.
  • Hoping it'll be patched, because several replies from Rockstar have suggested that NYMHC is supposed to be the same as NYM, only Hardcore difficulty. It appears as if it wasn't meant to be a no death playthrough, and that it's just a bug. If it stays the same, then this is definitely going to be a huge payne.
  • could they at least give a checkpoint for the 3 acts of the game, i mean i was ok running through the game without dying almost at all on old school, but absolute perfection on a timer is complete bull. And im not sure about u guys but i found this game really long with the loading screens and cutscenes and i cant sit through this in one sitting, they demand too many playthroughs for this game!
  • Actually, being timed isn't that bad. I found that time does stack, so by the time i got to chapter 7 again, i had 12:37 on my timer. So it gets easier as it goes on, but you (the player) get more frantic and make more mistakes. Honestly, the hardest thing about it is trying to remember where all the enemies are on the level, and trying to remember where all the painkillers are. I'm currently doing some "recon" by playing through the game on the harder difficulties (i haven't got those achievements yet) and trying to scope out all the levels. It should help. But damn, NYM Hardcore is really nerve racking. Especially at those higher chapters. I'm gonna get it though, if it's the last thing i do. It would be really easy if it gave you a free checkpoint at the disc swap. Th
  • so how do you get this, you cant not die through the whole game ever?
  • Just in NYM Hardcore, under the Arcade section. But i've been trying this for a couple days now, and i swear to you i got to chapter 14, at the part where Becker is shooting grenades at you. I'm doing excellent, have 9 painkillers, and out of frickin no where, the game, by itself, rips me out of cover, just as Becker shoots a grenade. I died. I've tried around 11 times and have yet to beat it, i've also reached Ch. 13 five times, died on all of them. The difficulty isn't even hard, the only reason i keep dying is cause of screwed up glitches, like entering last man standing with my arm stuck in my back, or the game automatically failing me for no reason. Ugh. Frustrating.
  • Hands down crazy achievement, props to whoever manages to do it legit
  • Just got 'naded by Becker's third grenade when I ran out of Bullet Time at the wrong moment. LMFAO.
  • #10: C'mon, you believe they botched an entire game mode? Be real.
  • "supposed to be like hardcore" Yet the official guide states "if you die you restart the whole game not just the chapter" I wonder who made up those 'rockstar replies'
  • #15: May I have my props now!? Here's my guide to Becker, the biggest piece of shit in this game:
  • I like the difficulty of this achievement for going through game without dying but doing it without turning off Xbox takes time not skill. Should patch it to let u save if you did not die. Plus the game has glitches on me several ocassions. I know u can leave Xbox on while u take a break but that is just asking for my Xbox to die. It already makes a loud noise when it's running and what if my brother wants to play something. I have been a huge fan of max Payne games and I want all achievements.
  • totaly getting this acheivement idk how hard it is
  • This achievement makes me upset. It's one of those ones I don't think I'll ever obtain :(. I'm almost too scared to even attempt it because i know if I get to the final checkpoint on the final level and die, I really will just go beserk
  • I agree with #20, its not hard, I did the normal new york minute all the way to the 2nd to last level without dying of failing easy, but on the police station i melee'd a dude too close to a wall and i fell through the map and failed it. Things like that are why I refuse to try this achievement.
  • Tried this all day today. 2 times one shotted with molotovs in falvela, 2 times glitched outside bar in New jersey while in cover in last man standing, timer stopped tho I could still run around with other enemies and never die or do anything else, glitched again in last man standing with a stuck arm and Ive just gave up as I rolled away from a frag only to fall throught the floor into oblivion. I thought rockstar made better games than this.
  • exactly what 11 said to get all achievements you have to complete the game about 5 times, 1st time was mint didint skip nothing but im on my second now AND I SWEAR TO GOD IM GETTING SO PISSED OFFFFF, FOR FUCK SAKE. ROCKSTAR BEFORE I SNAP THIS FUCKING DISC IN HALF I SUGGEST YOU SORT THINGS OUT AND ALOT OF THINGS ASWELL...RAPID.
  • why do game makers want to piss people off so much. people at rockstar: dickhead1"this mode is impossible you know? i suggest we change it" dickhead2"nah just leave it man they'll get well angry haha"
  • #17 & 18: There were 2 replies on the Rockstar support forums in which employees directly stated that NYMHC was the same as NYM, only with hardcore difficulty. I was only passing on replies shown to me by a friend. Do realize that your comment was nearly a week after mine, so I had made this shortly after release, and it was quite plausible. It's not like worse things haven't been messed up and fixed shortly after launch with other games in the past. Clearly they only meant that it was similar, and didn't state that it had to be a flawless playthrough of the game in their reply, even though my friend asked for those very details in the question. That's why he started to think it possibly was a bug. The childishness on this site is quite disappointing, seems as if you can't commen
  • As for everyone else actually having a sensible conversation about the achievement, I definitely agree that the difficulty isn't the hardest part. This game has so many random bugs in story mode that it's basically luck to nail the achievement down. You can have all the skill in the world and some random bug will be sure to take it away from you in an instant. Most recently, I was at the section during the battles with UFE in the favela and got to the section where you have to shoot the RPG round that's fired from a helicopter. I nail the round, it explodes and kills the shooter, then the game decides that it's going to blow me up anyway with an invisible explosion. Just one of about 20-25 random bugs that have caused me to die on my first 2 playthroughs of the game. Probably better
  • ... #27 part 2: t without someone snapping at it. Some people have some growing up to do that's for sure. P.S. #18, if you're going to try and shoot down something that someones says, it may be in your best interest to actually quote the comment correctly instead of looking like a fool.
  • ... #28 part 2: off waiting to play through it at a later date when hopefully some of the bugs are patched, so at least you won't have that to worry about. I wouldn't mind if you could skip the cutscenes, but it just takes way too long to be bothered with this right now with the fear of being glitched out of it. Major props to anyone who has this already, an achievement worth being proud of. I'll eventually go for it, but multiplayer is far too fun to step away from right now. Good luck to everyone going for it though!
  • They could of at least took out the cut scene's... Repetitive isn't a word to describe this, Spend more time looking at them cut scene's I've seen already a dozen times and running around then you do actually shooting the enemies! Cannot be bothered with this achievement anymore
  • Hahaha for 10Gs im not wasting my time screw that noise, all power to ya if u want to complete this crap.
  • Died in pretty much the stupidest damn place possible. Just onto disc 2 about half way through the level (maybe a third actually) in the warehouse part, the last 3-4 enemies as you are about to go up the stairs and the end of the corridor and i go into last stand... *click*, magazine is dry. FML. Needless to say I need a few days break from Max Payne 3. (which wouldn't be a problem if i'd have gotten in on the goddamn Dawnguard Beta, yes i'm typing in raised tone at you Bethesda!) As others have said, its all quite easy, I can imagine Bachmeyer might be a slight Payne (teehee) as he instakills you if you lose all your health, the guy with the LMG might also be a Payne (haha)at the end of "Great American Saviour of the poor" and the other LMG guy in the Police Station, but honestly don't kn
  • ...ow why people are dreading/dying against Becker, as long as you are good at judging where the reticle would be when you are in cover and pop out for one burst at a time and use your bullet time efficiently he is quite easy on any difficulty level. Failing is down only to player idiocy/error i.e. me charging in like John Wayne and then having an empty Mag, glitches (like falling through the floor as one guy above had), or bad luck/stupid game design like when you go in last stand with your arm behind your back and stuff. Anyhow, good luck to one and all, i will be trying until I get this!
  • I might be there with #32
  • Fuck this, until they patch their fucking broken arse game I am not even playing it again. I've seen it all now, weapons not firing in cinematics, enemies shooting me from behind walls and now freezing during loading on the SECOND TO LAST FUCKING LEVEL AND JUST OVER 18 MINUTES ON THE CLOCK! Patch your fucking shit Rockstar you useless articles.
  • Well finally had enough of this crap. Game has crashed on the second last level once, crashed on the 6th mission and 8 mission, various times where weapons haven't fired in cinematics and finally got to the last level only to be killed in the second section. I must have tried this 20 times and theres probably at least 10 hours of playtime in there and I can honestly say I've only ever failed through my own mistakes/stupidity twice. This, for the sake of 10G and the god awful multiplayer have relegated this to the depths of my game drawer. Rockstar a company that releases finished games? Not anymore.
  • Great i just died at the police station because the last stand didn't show me my enemy. Right 7 houres playtime for nothing . And most of those playtimes are those cinematics that i have to watch over and over again. Euhm no thx for this achievement and i bet not many people will have it after a couple of tries failling. ROckstar you suck and for people ( which i bet aren't many ) who have the achievement : You should rule the world !
  • This is actually pretty easy imo, the time stacks up between levels, meaning if you finish one level with 2 minutes left you start the next with 2 minutes instead of one. You just have to be careful, get all or most of the painkillers, and remember where enemies are etc. I was about to beat it on my first try tonight when I encountered something that no amount of skill can overcome, a game ending glitch. Thanks alot Rockstar.
  • There is NO way I am doing this one, it's not worth the frustration for 10G. New York Minute is causing me enough aggrivation as it is. And not to beat a dead horse, but what were they thinking not making the cutscenes skipable? To those of you who actually manage to get this chivo before you throw your controler through your TV or kill yourself, you are a game god and Obama is going to come reward you by showering you with Romney's cash.
  • its not that impossible,save bullet time for the hardest parts and get on cover..
  • Did they just put this achievement in the game, so that every second player will break their Disk ? So they hope that the person will buy another copy of max PAYNEEEEEEEEE 3? lol this game looks great but i will not buy this because of THAT achievement. I hope GTA 5 Will not have impossible achievements.....Or i cant buy it lol
  • Such BS. Not worth it.
  • Hell of a Achievement!
  • #46 Get a life, man! There's many nice things to do, besides sitting for tons of hours in front of the tv and doing pointless and tedious stuff for pitiful 10g and an icon!
  • @47 lol jealous
  • now now boys no fighting hand bags at 10 paces lol
  • Some are saying that in order to get this achievement that you have to complete the entire game on hardcore without being killed and some are saying its just each level well this is the only achievement I have left and has been for ages now I got to Chapter 9 about half way when I died and it took me back to the cut scene at chapter 1 hardcore is actually not as hard on Max Payne that hard due to the way pain killers and other things are set but its still difficult simply because of the playthrough in one sitting god if it was just complete each mission without being killed I would of had this long time ago
  • Also to all that are trying to get this when co-op pack dlc is released you will be able to do this with a friend and revive each other so should be a damm sight easier I'll say and quicker
  • I just got this achievement finally, after like 5 tries! It's not hard once you know where the pain killers are located and the AI's spawn spots, other than that it's easy. Your best bet is to spam the hell outta of bullet-time, enough to where you can get a head shot off. Example: Go into bullet-time. Aim for head, shoot. Exit bullet-time. I'd say from 1-7 it's pretty much easy and starts to get tougher around 8. If you can make it pass 8 then you pretty much got the achievement. IMO. The hardest chapter for me, the most last stands I had, was chapter 11. I don't know what it is about that chapter but it's always been hard for me, especially the part where you're on the side and the AI drives up with a shit load of guys. That part builds up your bullet-time gauge pretty fast t
  • Is this even possible since I died like multiple times in every chapter on hard??
  • It's possible. I've just finished it on my third try. It's "Payne" in the ass, and it's only 10 (G). :/ Finishing the game in Old School Mode was easier and worht 100 (G).
  • I think this acheievement is actually not so hard as people say it is. The key word for this achievement is: SHOOTDODGE! anytime you think your in trouble---always go for SHOOT DODGE-- whenever you shootdodge--this practically makes Max Payne INvincible to all gunfire around him!! Just so you know shootdodge is the RB button I believe--its the top right button on the controller.
  • They say this "you can only die once" thing is a lie. Anyone?
  • Its not a lie you have to finish the game on the hardest difficult (i think) without dying and there's a countdown also , and you'll face some glitchs/freezes well alot... and if you die or the game stopped its over u have to restart from the beginning. i'm not trying to afraid you but you have ask!!
  • 10G??? You gotta be kiddin me! No way Im doing it :/
  • NYMHC is actually on normal difficulty -- Its called hardcore because you have to play through the entire game without dying. The time stacking makes it easier so take your time in later levels and make sure you grab ALL the painkillers. HINT FOR BECKER HANGAR FIGHT: Get into cover on the left-most cart -- There is a pill bottle and am ammo bag -- Staying in cover also keeps you from being killed from Becker's grenades (unless you have low health) until there are only 3 enemies left -- Get out of cover at this point, trigger bullet time, and strafe kill them -- They throw grenades so staying in cover at this point is a bad idea
  • 10g seems unfair given that after this i'll feel like jar squatter
  • Almost got this , will try again later. reached chapter 13
  • Hey guys quick question. Do you have to use free aim for this achievement? Figured id ask to make things easier on myself.
  • I wouldn't dare go for this achievement!
  • Just got this achievement right now.The hardest achievement I have ever got. I suggest whoever is going for this, the best thing to do and what I did was watch markyshizzle on youtube on his walkthrough as without his video I never would have made it. Took me about 10 tries till I managed this. Good luck to everyone else!
  • First attempt and died on Chapter VI Part II after I disarmed the guy, shot the next one, shot the one next to him...Shot him a few more times since the first was a blank, only to find out the rest were blanks. Fucking bullshit. I've never died on that part of the chapter before and it had to happen on hardcore.
  • #62 i agree anyone else know?
  • Does it stack with the normal nym difficulty Setting?
  • #62,#66 This mode you only can use free aim to complete all 14 chapters in 1 setting. #67 This mode also is Normal Difficulty, but you can not die, otherwise you will start at Chapter 1 again.
  • Just the thought....
  • Didn't tried for this achievement yet, but it seems easy enough. Finished Hardcore without much problems, and New York Minute was a breeze. The shitty thing is you have to finish the whole game non-stop.
  • If rockstar allows a quick save feature I will take this achievement on dispite its petty low 10gscore. But there is no quick save feature. Basicaly what this means to continue from where you left off and once you come back to MP3 and reload that data, your old save data is gone and you cannot continue from that save point. Also for anyone who uses "Exit Dashboard Retry" trick, send them to chapter 1. Sorry rockstar I'm an adult with other things to do plus my family wants to play on my game consoles anyway and I don't want to hog the xbox 360 all day.
  • Does this achievement require "free aim"
  • #72 Yup.
  • why did the devs make an extremle hard playthough for only 10g. thats bulls**t they could of at least made the gs 100 or somthing
  • For anyone struggling with this achievement, I made a video walkthrough on my youtube channel. Look at the description and click on the chapter that you're struggling on. Here is the link:
  • FINALLY got this after about 7 attempts, usually losing because of a few glitches or stupid mistakes. Watching Dropegames' and chrisli128's walkthroughs on youtube, practicing levels that I wasn't confident in, building up time with car explosions and melee'ing early on, going slow on the last couple of levels and knowing painkiler and enemy placements allowed me to get through my winnning run without too much trouble. Good luck to anyone going for this, it's hard but doable!
  • @70 "Seems easy enough", i said. So naive. Took me only four fucking years.

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