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    Get 6 Kills While Diving Through The VIP Window [FREE AIM]

    Chapter 2: Checkpoint 2. Aim assist set as [FREE AIM] (Done in the main menu). When you dive out the window from the VIP lounge you will need to kill 6 enemies to unlock this achievement. If you miss just restart checkpoint.

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  • Easy too. Chapter 2 Checkpoint 2, jump through the window and kill 6 guys with free aim off!
  • It's not easy for me...
  • @#2 just reload the checkpoint till you get it :)
  • Yeah not too hard. You'll get it eventually. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bz-WsCC1osM
  • I tried it and never got it. The trick to this is; if you have your settings set on "soft lock" or "hard lock" make sure you change it to "free aim". I was wondering why the chievo wasn't popping up after not using the AIM button at all and free aiming everyone. I changed the setting to free aim and reloaded checkpoint and VOILA - popped up!
  • Took me a few times, but I did get it.
  • Yes. Takes time to get it. I like to start first shooting the guys on the bottom right and making my way up left.
  • As #7 said, but I just want to add I was going crazy taking everybody out only to notice as soon as I landed out of slo-mo, one last jack popped his head out from behind the middle floor railing. Work your way up, and if you get to the top in good time you will notice the last enemy hopping over the top railing to the middle section. Fill him up with bullets as he is making the jump!
  • I took out all the three guys on top, right to left, then came down diagonally on the remaining three on the stairs.
  • You can do this one on easy as well. Takes a few times for sure and I agree with going right to left from the bottom.
  • @5 It says "Free Aim" in all caps, how did you miss that?
  • easiest guy to miss is at the top l
  • easiest guy to miss is at the top left by railing.
  • took me about 4 tries i kept missing the guy ducking behind the railing top left. just reload checkpoint make sure to have free aim on and start from bottom right working your way up left. you'll get it then.
  • Easy....just make sure u use free aim
  • I would like more with skrillex http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSqYNrEeuEQ
  • Took me few tries but finally did it, If Max hits the ground and achievement dint pop, click restart checkpoint.

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