The One Eyed Man Is King Achievement

  • The One Eyed Man Is King



    Cover Passos With Perfect Aim

    Chapter 3: Checkpoint 12. You will have to kill a total of 13 enemies without missing a shot. You will only be able to restart checkpoint before the short cutscene. If you miss after that you must quit and load Chapter 3: Checkpoint 12 again.

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  • Easy, youve to go to checkpoint 12 and then kill every enemy with 1 bullet, If you fail leave the game and load checkpoint 12 again, dont use "load last checkpoint" cuz the cheevo wont pop up!
  • Got it!
  • I love this game, but WHY IN THE HELL does R* make us work the scoped guns with the opposite game stick than we do in EVERY OTHER GAME?????? The right stick moves the reticle in every other scenario in this game until we look down the scope and then suddenly, we have to switch t the left stick to aim??? It feels backwards, and is a bitch to am. I love the game and the challenge it presents, but they could have done this NORMALLY.
  • Confirmed that you don't have to exit the game to start over. Restarted checkpoint and even let a game over screen happen intentionally before it popped.
  • What Chapter is this on? I just started and am on Chapter 2. I just don't want to have to reply a million times for achievements.
  • Chapt 3 CP 12
  • this video got it right about how restart checkpoint works with this achievement :
  • u can reload, check this out!
  • Tried the restart checkpoint after I missed the second guy. Then finished it flawless and it didn't unlock. So it might not always work.
  • just tested: works perfect and makes it really easy!!! start checkpoint 12 if u miss somebody just wait until they kill passos now u can go on if u reach checkpoint 13 its the same, wait for passos being killed and go on thats it!!! really easy!
  • payne in the ass!
  • just tested #10's point of letting them kill passos if you miss, worked like a charm. thank god i would have skipped it if i had to reload every time lol
  • About to try this...I have a feeling Passos isn't going to have a good time.
  • Thanks crimeISking007 for the tip! Worked perfectly as of right now!
  • All cheaters no skillz. Its soo frickin easy. Just aim about a half an inch in front of the bad guys and shoot. Just remember to lead your target and pay attention to bullet drop and you will have no problem. If any of you had sniping skills you wouldn't have to cheat. Pathetic.
  • Why the hell they put a check point half way through this is beyond me, cause its just pisses poeple off
  • It is a lot easier to aim a little ahead of the chest on easy because it is a one shot kill
  • Save up all your bullet-time for after the check point...makes this alot easier
  • Got it, thanks to crimeISking007. :)
  • I didn't even read this until now, but got this achievement the same way as crimeISking007. It's super easy!
  • Easy w/ bullet time
  • Yeah it took me a few tries to do this, but I used my bullet time at the second checkpoint and I got this after three tries? It is pretty easy. I also aimed a little ahead of the guys so that definitely helps.
  • no need to reload any checkpoint.... just let them kill the guy you are protecting.
  • first of all #15 I don't really see how restarting from a checkpoint is cheating & as far as letting Passos die it's just easier than having to keep reloading the game of course we all know that you never have reloaded or restarted from a checkpoint but us merely mortals might have to if we want the achievements & then it's as simple as a matter of time,reloading in this game takes forever while restarting from a checkpoint/letting Passos die takes seconds again something that matters when you are mortal & won't live forever
  • Guys, start at checkpoint 13 it puts you right at the start of sniping, without having to get to the vantage point.
  • Wish I would I've read all of this before getting ride of it! Restarting took for ever and i gave up. Not very good anyway....
  • Just did it. Letting them kill Pasos is more reliable than restarting the checkpoint, and start at checkpoint 13, not 12.
  • Those videos sure helped me get the achievement, I was stuck!
  • You don't have to quit to get the achievement. Just kill Passos or let him be killed to restart it.
  • Chapter III. Checkpoint 13! This guide is wrong, it is not 12. #15 is a cock. Everyone misses the targets the first few times as the developers seem to think a bullet from a Barret sniper rifle is so slow that you need to lead your shot for a walking man by 6", LOL!
  • wow! that took few tries, but am glad I did it. Exiting and Restarting was the frustrating part *phew*

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