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  • Something Wicked This Way Comes



    Get 7 Kills While Jumping From The Rickety Boat [FREE AIM]

    Chapter 5: Checkpoint 6. Aim assist set as [FREE AIM]. Right when you gain control, run up the steps to the left and skip the cutscene. After the cutscene, shoot the barrel near the steps to trigger the cutscene then quickly kill the remaining enemies.

    * It seems this exploit has been patched and you can't shoot the barrel anymore, you will have to kill all with just your bullets. Best done on Easy setting.

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  • Just like the "Out The Window" achievement, its in chapter 5 checkpoint 6!
  • When you're hiding on the boat, pop out and shoot the propane bottle on the stairs next on the right. This will trigger the cutscene of the chain breaking and Max jumping from the boat. The propane bottle will have exploded before you enter bullet time, simply kill the three or four guys left over and this should pop.
  • Chapter 5 Checkpoint 6? When I loaded that, it took me back to the snowy street of New York fighting outside. But last night when I was trying to get the achievement, I popped the barrel and finished off the few guys and it never popped up. I have it on FREE AIM the whole game. Lot of people on YouTube have been saying that it just does not want to pop up for them either..weird?
  • @Thants thanks for the tip, worked perfectly.
  • YeS 3 it is chapter 5 checkpoint 6....
  • I guess I can consider this a Wednesday 13 reference.
  • Unless you clear your cache and play offline to get rid of the update the gas tank explosion wont count as kills,for some reason it seems they patched it with the update even though that seems to be the only way of getting 7 kills because you dont even have time to aim at 7 men let alone shoot them
  • It's not the only way, I just did it after a couple of tries without using the explosion, just set the difficulty to easy and try to get a shot of at each of their heads, don't wait for them to die just assume you've killed each one and move onto the next. Work your way anti clockwise from the guy on the bottom right
  • @7 the gas tack explosion still works, I just got it using that method
  • Gas tank works. m/
  • Gas tank works. Shoot it when you first pop up. It should expolde right when you enter Bullet Time. Just clean up the remaining four guys.
  • agreed, #7 u must have missed someone or shot the barrel at the wrong time, i jumped the gun my first few times and screwed it up, but waiting til they all bunched together makes it near impossible to mess it up!
  • Tried this 3 different ways now. Even tried removing the patch and doing it. Nothing works and the achievement never pops up..... FUUUCCCKKK
  • not popping up for me either... done it around 20 times now. even found 7 bodies on the floor.
  • Ok, created an account to post this, I tried about 20 times the other day to get it no luck. I loaded up Chapter 5, Checkpoint 6, started me with the uzi or whatever, as soon as I gained control came up and shot the barrel then killed the remaining four, and the achievement popped, even though I did the same thing over and over and over a day or 2 ago. So if it's not working for you, try doing it by chapter select
  • Just for the record, I tried this about 20 times (without shooting the barrel first) and it wouldn't pop up. Then I tried shooting the explosive barrel first (before they know you are there) and killed them all and got it first time. The barrel didn't even kill anyone, it just seemed that I had to blow it for the cheevo to pop.
  • What helped me was wait for the men carrying the crate to get next to guy holding the gun on his shoulder when they are lined up kill all three before the short cutscene starts. Then when in bullet time finish off the other 4 and pop achieve unlocked! Hope this helps.
  • @D347H0FL0V3 Or a book of the same title.
  • Shot the propane tank before they know i was there. It exploded during the short cut scene before max jumps. It killed 2. All i had to do was shoot the rest and it popped.
  • After a bunch of tries with no success, trying shooting the tank and shooting the crate guys first. I went back a made sure that I hand the mini uzi equiped and waited for the crate guys to move up with the rest...popped first try without the need for the gas canister. Much easier with the uzi over the colt!
  • The most annoying Achievement in the game. Tried loads of times without shooting the barrel, no achievement. Tried loads of times WITH the barrel, no achievement. Deleted the update and played offline with and without the barrel, no Achievement. Finally thought "s*d it!" popped up and shot two of them before the jump, finished off the rest in the proper way and got the Achievement. Not quite what it tells you to do. Anyway, my point is - shoot as many as you can before they shoot the chain and you'll get it easily.
  • Try shooting the two guys carrying the crate at the bottom of the screen first before Max jumps off of the boat, then you will have less to kill during the bullet time sequence and it will count toward the achievement.
  • i shot about 3 before the trigger to jump and achievement popped thanks to Skweezle method.
  • What I did is I waited until the guys holding the crates were closer to the guy screwing with the boat and the one behind him with a gun. Once they were clumped together, just spray with a submachine and kill the group of 3 on the right. This was a pretty easy method for me, as the propane tank wasnt working.
  • just done it propane tank worked for me
  • Very easy if u use the propane tank method
  • If it would let ya change to the Uzi while on that boat it would be a lot easier... :/
  • It actually does work if you shoot the propane tank. I just got the achievement like that.
  • Still works shooting the propane tank :D
  • Can also confirm the propane tank method still works, just got it first try doing this today.
  • I am going to have to go in through chapter select, This sh!t is just retarded. I have done this over 50 times with different methods. I will confirm once I have tried chapter select.
  • The propane method does in fact NOT work. If it works for you you probably dont have the patch. As #31 I have probably done this close to 50 times and still have not got this to pop for me with or without propane.
  • I can also confirm the method Skweezle II suggests does NOT work.
  • The tank method DOES work! For anyone still having trouble I figured out what is happening. You must shoot the tank RIGHT BEFORE the cut scene so it explodes while you are IN Bullet Time. If you shoot it to early it will explode during the cutscene therefore you arnt killing all 7 DURING the actual Bullet Time.
  • OK NEVER MIND! I take that back as well. This shit is fucked. Idk. I have literally done everything I possibly could about 10 times each and still nothing. I just killed all 7 men 3 times in a row post patch without even shooting the tank I even walked over to confirm all 7 dead bodies and still NOTHING! This is getting stupid irritating.
  • Tank does work, I have patch, but I had to go through Chapter Select. Playing through the game does not work. I just got achievement yesterday, 1st time on chapter select.
  • Tried loading checkpoint still nothing.
  • Spray and pray with an Uzi...I went through chapter select and it worked right off the bat.
  • Delete the updates and go offline
  • @39 great suggestion! Did you even read any of the other comments? Dumbass. Reading through comments it appears that this achievements finnicky unless you use chapter select and keep trying different methods.
  • Just to let you guys know I just got this on the first try. I was able to shoot the explode-able tank first which triggered the cutscene (just like the description says). I used chapter select and have not deleted any updates/patches. I didnt try during the actual campaign, just got around to it while cleaning up misc achievements.
  • I gave up the first time. Only had a pistol, and the barrel method wasn't working. When I came back an hour later, the game loaded me with the Micro 9mm for some reason. Barrell method still didn't work, and neither did shooting a few before the cutscene. But I managed to actually get all 7 in one dive and it popped.
  • Just got it. With barrel method, so they didn't fix it... Btw, I play Online, and my game is up to date.
  • Ok, for real. Here is how to do it. First change into Leisure Suit Max Pane. Grab a martini and a flotation device, backhand spring off the boat, somersault into bullet time, then throw out some Brazilian candy to all 7 guys. They will be so surprised that they will take a vote, which is obviously unanimous in favor of you getting the achievement. Easy day.
  • I could have kept trying this a lot and not getting it... I thought it was at the end of the chapter, when Max is in the boat with Passos flying over the last boat with Fabiana -_-
  • I didn't even kill five people and it popped up for me. Didn't shoot the gas canister either...
  • shoot the propane bottle is the key
  • There seems to be a few different ways that these people ^ get this cheevo. Try them and see if one of them works for you. I was stuck with the pistol here (or so I thought). Ive tried the tank method more than 25 times. Didn't work. Shot 2 or 3 guys before the cutscene then finish the rest during bullet time, didn't work. I quit then resumed the story and it started me with a micro 9mm, yay!? I stood up, went into bullet time and shot them all. POPPED CHEEVO. Just be sure you let the guys carrying the crate move up to the guy welding the boat so you have all 4 or 5 guys bunched up together to shoot them easily. Start with the guy on the right working on the table and work your way around cuz the pole blocks your shot as you fall. Happy hunting
  • Still broken for me I don't know what is wrong!
  • Durrr nevermind. Remember to set your aim to free aim before doing this people!
  • This has to be glitched. Every other comment is people contradicting eachother. I have succeeded in killing 3 guys before the jump then the other 4 in the air...done this 4 times now and it hasn't popped. I have gotten all 7 guys 3 times just while in air now and it hasn't popped. Does them laying on the ground about to die somehow NOT count? Its the only thing I can think off....and the propane tank well someone said it was patched but that doesnt seem to matter for me because the only way to make it useful to me is if I shoot it before jumping which in my case seems to nullify it as I have done it over and over. It just flat out doesnt seem to work for me...
  • Yup its either glitched. Or I can 100% confirm firing before the jump DOES NOT work. Done this 5 times now there is no doubt.
  • This will be my last post as I just got it. Note I have a theory that something about reloading checkpoints screws with this achievement. Not onyl that but while reloading about 15 froze twice. This has never happened to me on any otjher game so I wonder if its somehow connected. Not to mention my first try after booting the game back up from a freeze I did what I had already done 3 times which wsa shoot all 7 during the jump....yet this time I got it.
  • Ok just got it after a few tries, waited till the guy's with the crate and the guard to the right of them were level with the guy welding the boat. Shot two or three of them before the cut scene the finished of the rest on the way down, it poped as I hit the floor. This was done on the game bought from the rock star sale, on a reloaded check point. Took me a few tries though.
  • Followed exactly what cannon said in previous post, worked first try. Several shot before, 4 in bullet time. Chapter select, easy, free aim, micro 9mm. Thank you!
  • I shot the barrel first on the stairway, then shot 4 guys with micro 9mm, took me only two tries. Thanks for the video. Cheers

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