That Old Familiar Feeling Achievement

  • That Old Familiar Feeling



    Clear The Hallway Of Lasers

    Chapter 4: Checkpoint 8. There will be two enemies down the hallway followed by the people on the building outside to the left. Kill all of the enemies on the rooftops and the achievement is yours.

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  • Chapter III Checkpoint 8 [easy / hard aim] (inside the room you start-in, you'll find a shotgun, extra pistol & pk) Takeout the 3 hallway goons, then waste the 5 green sighted guettos to the left.
  • It's actually chapter 4 checkpoint 8....
  • yeah running on no sleep, the CP is the thing we're all looking for.
  • Got this one without even realising that it meant the snipers...
  • Easy one

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