Amidst The Wreckage Achievement

  • Amidst The Wreckage



    Destroy All The Models In The Boardroom

    Chapter 6, checkpoint 3. After you have dealt with the four enemies in the room, look on the tables around and shoot every building model there. You only need to shoot each one a couple of times for them to register as 'destroyed'.

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  • Middle of Chapter 6.
  • chapter 6, checkpoint 3. You're welcome.
  • Make sure you thoroughly destroy all the models in the room. I shot each a few times with the glock and it didn't pop until I reloaded the checkpoint and shot the fuck out them again for safe measure.
  • try and try again. i thought i shot the hell out of them already. more destruction then. damn
  • so do you get the achievement right away or at the end of the chapter??? because i shot the s#$t out of those bad boys and nothing happened
  • There's either 3/4 models in the room - you only need to shoot them a couple of times each. Some are on separate tables so just have a good look round and you should be able to find them all :)
  • Just look around and shoot em til it pops
  • This has to be glitched. I used all the ammo in the room and shot the shit out of them, didn't unlock. Reloaded and shot them again with much less ammo and it popped.
  • This one is glitched for sure. Had to do it four times until the achievement popped!
  • there are 5 models to destroy in the room. 4 big models and 1 small lower building model wich is on de big table.
  • I shot the shit out of all the models, I was out of ammo, but the achievement dint pop out. So, I reloaded the checkpoint again, and shot only few bullets per model, and pop comes the achievement. lol

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