So Much For Being Subtle Achievement

  • So Much For Being Subtle



    Get 9 Kills While Being Pulled By A Chain [FREE AIM]

    Chapter 7: Checkpoint 9. Aim assist set as [FREE AIM]. There will be four enemies on the ground, two on the second level followed by three on the third level. Kill them all.

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  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter VII Checkpoint 9
  • got this on my 4th try but i didnt stop there i kept restarting checkpoint and milking easy kills for a lot of the grinds. gave me a few other achievements too.
  • You'll have a bit of trouble with the 3 top floor guys. Don't kill the guy on your extreme right first, because that will instantly end the scene, leave him for last. Get the guy in the middle first before he goes into cover, then the dude at the end of the warehouse coming up the stairs, then finally the chap on the extreme right.
  • God I hated this one! Takes a few tries for sure.
  • When it says free aim what that means? Slow motion?
  • It means in Free Aim mode. It's in the settings if you press start. Don't use Soft or Hard lock, use Free Aim. :)
  • Thank u very much::-)
  • Stupid disc 2
  • Another small tip to add for anybody having trouble is to avoid zooming in with your weapon. This will slightly slow down your reticle movement. Just keep spraying without the worry to reload your gun for a change...
  • guy number 8 in the video is proving to be a payne in the ass, he seems to be in cover way to soon.....arghhhh!!!!
  • not hard to achieve
  • Doing this on easy was like 100 times easier, guy #8 does not run for cover so quickly
  • If you save the guy on the far right for last, you can still get the achievement in the half second after Max lands on the platform and lets go of the chain. I reset a few times because I thought you had to be fully suspended, but as long as you are still in slo-mo in counts.
  • definitely took few tries first, but on easy mode it was way too easy to get after I switched lol

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