The Only Choice Given Achievement

  • The Only Choice Given



    Get 8 Kills While Dangling From A Chain [FREE AIM]

    Chapter 10: Checkpoint 5. Aim assist set as [FREE AIM]. Kill the 8 enemies.

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  • Chapter X Checkpoint 5
  • Way easier than "being pulled by chain"
  • Super easy, only one I got first time. Use a Micro 9mm SMG before triggering the scene and mow 'em down.
  • Easy got it on first try
  • Won't unlock for me, although I'm killing every single one :/
  • Pretty easy
  • Took me a few attempts before I figured out a strategy for the final three. I had to do them from left to right, otherwise they would always be just behind an obstacle when I tried to shoot them.
  • after getting achievement 'being pulled by chain' , this one was way easier , Thanks for the video thou, cheers ;)

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