Trouble Had Come To Me Achievement

  • Trouble Had Come To Me



    Clear Everyone On The Bus Ride

    Chapter 10: Checkpoint 11. Targeting set as Hard Lock (easier) Kill everyone you see. When you reach the part where there's a guy with a rocket, take out the men at his side first, then shoot the guy with the rocket.

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  • Chapter X checkpoint 11 If the bus crashes and you didn't get it then you've gone too far. It's not real difficult with hardlock on.
  • you can get colder than the devils heart pretty easily here too.
  • Confirmed: I unlocked 'colder than the devils hear't along with this chivo. Just keep shooting
  • Seems kinda easy but might take a few trys
  • I found that when facing the 3 guys at the end of the tunnel that if you shoot the middle guy's RPG that it will trigger a cutscene and therefore making it unable to shoot the other 2 guys and not getting the achievement. So shoot the guys on the far right and far left first then the RPG guy in the middle.
  • I did not even kill everyone and I still got it and I got colder than the devils heart
  • At the end of this part of the game you're stuck at the back of the bus with a few dozen enemies shooting at you. Use this level to get the '10 Kills in bullet time' achievement. It has to be done in one bullet time mode and there so many shooting at you that your meter refills quite well as you're shooting.
  • When you get to to the end with the guy with the RPG - kill the guy to his left and his right, before taking him out. If you don't kill them, you won't get the achievement!
  • damn I was so close. I think I missed two people. It was when they were coming down the stairs just when the bus crashed. I will just try this again later. I bet I can get it.
  • Ah, I was having trouble with the RPG enemy part, got it now...thanks!
  • took me few tries but finally did it, RPG guy was pain in the ass thou. Thanks for the video guide. Cheers'

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