Along For The Ride Achievement

  • Along For The Ride



    Trigger A Bullet Cam On The Zipline [FREE AIM]

    Chapter 11: Checkpoint 11. Aim assist set as [FREE AIM]. You will have to kill all of the enemies to trigger the Bullet Cam. It is not difficult if you take your time. 

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  • Easy achievement on Chapter 11
  • Chapter XI Checkpoint 11
  • It takes longer to load the checkpoint than it does to get the achievement
  • If anyone wants to get the online achievements, just add me RafaChiliPepper.
  • Kill all the mean folks while riding the zipline and your last kill will be a bullet cam.
  • Easy peasy
  • I can not believe they killed his partner
  • Got it in the first try, thanks for the video guide. Cheers

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