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    Get A Headshot During The Rooftop Tremors

    Chapter 12, Checkpoint 11. You will need to get a headshot right when there's a tremor. Use Bullet Time to help you and you should unlock this easily.

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  • Chapter 12
  • best thing is to kill the first set of guys, head around where there's a one guy coming down stairs and the other behind a fence not moving. Wait a moment for the guy on the stairs to come down. Let the tremor hit and the send the guy is on the ground hit it and pop him. In the dive you won't feel the shaking of the tremor. I went crazy figuring his out.
  • I did this by going near the guy, wait for the tremor and shoot him in the head.
  • Chapter XII Checkpoint 11
  • Just stay in cover for 14 seconds and do nothing (I used a stopwatch on my phone). As soon as it hits 14 seconds shootdodge to left out of cover and try to get the guys head... With this method it took me 2 tries.
  • So, I attempted it a few times, then watched the video, then tried some more - couldn't do it and then gave up. Then, when the guy with the mini gun turned up, I shot at him and got a headshot just as the roof shook. Bang! Achievement. Just goes to show you can try too hard!
  • #3: Shoot him in the face, got it. Great tip. :/
  • well the achievement said it best, besides its not uncommon to get a blind fire headshot every so often and the smg's tend to work best, i find timing the tremors and spraying just above there head will eventually get u a head shot, but u need to use the dive or else u'll just fall over, but really its mostly just luck!
  • Apart from timing for 14 seconds from when the cutscene starts, there is nothing else you can do to improve your chance of getting this. I just got it on what must be something like my 70th restarted checkpoint. Worst achievement ever.
  • Used a shotgun and just happened to get it on my first run-through. Got it off one of the guys on the roof just before the mini-gun guy. Apparently if just one pellet hits in the head, you get the head-shot.
  • Just before I entered the LMG guy area, I took cover on a piece of blue metal and this Shotgun guy runs and stands right in front of the doorway. Blindfired my FAL into his face and got it. Pure luck.
  • I can't do this, it's pathetic. I've tried every single way and I never even get close.
  • The best way I did this was by putting the difficulty on easy and when the checkpoint loads kill the initial enemies who are on the platforms. Then proceed forward and an enemy with a shotgun will appear. I used THIS enemy and I simply moved as close as I could without him hitting me so I had a good chance when the tremors began and activated bullettime. It took me about 10 mins but its an entirely possible. I hope this helps - patience is the key.
  • Tried this a few times using all the advice given and still couldn't do it! Eventually got it through blind luck. I think that's the only way to get this one the screen shakes so much that firing wildly seems to get the job done...eventually.
  • I just waited until the tremors started came out of cover pressed RB shoot dodge and aimed for the head achivement unlocked.
  • It is kinda lucky only tried twice tho
  • Those saying the targetting reticule doesn't shake around if you shoot dodge during a tremor are wrong. It still waves all over the place. However, it doesn't shake during a killcam whatever-its-called that happens when you take lethal damage and have to kill the guy that hurt you. If you can time it to take the damage during a tremor, the cheevo is almost guaranteed. Having said that, it is still mostly luck. Took me around 40 tries before getting it from a killcam.
  • #17 You are wrong as well. Everything is still shaking like hell during Last Man Standing.
  • @5 nice method! Worked like a charm. Thanks!
  • one of the hardest achivements
  • Got this on my 10th try. Just time the shot and done!
  • Got lucky and got this on my 5th or 6th attempt. I cleared the first area of guys, ran around the corner to the two guys on the stairs and with my shotgun I nailed the guy on the top of the stairs. I'd recommend the shotgun because of the spread.
  • FINALLY! The achievement truly is in the title...
  • needed many attempts until I get lucky.
  • Really got lucky! Didn't even noticed I got this achievement until i was once browsing through the list to see what I should complete
  • you have to calculate about 8 or 9 seconds of shaking and trembling

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