It Was Chaos And Luck Achievement

  • It Was Chaos And Luck



    Get 6 Kills While Riding The Push Cart [FREE AIM]

    Chapter 13: Checkpoint 14. Aim assist set as [FREE AIM]. After taking out the guys in the first room, you'll reach an area where you will have to jump on a push cart while killing enemies on the rooftops. Take out all six of them, don't forget the guy who's crouching in the middle. If you fail, reload the checkpoint and try again.

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  • You can do this on Chapter 13, targeting set to "Free Aim"
  • Chapter 13, Checkpoint 14.
  • definitely hard to see enemies in the dark but only took a few tries
  • Can't get it... Weird thing... I even counted the enemies I killed and I'm sure I got six. Tried lots of times and didn't pop. Anyone having trouble with this achievement?
  • crouching enemies are hard to see
  • Get the first set (about three guys) going right to left, then switch to the farthest guy on the left and sweep right. If you take too long, the farthest guy on the left disappears from sight and you won't get him.
  • easy breezy lol thanks for the video guide. cheers

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