The Road-Kill Behind Me Achievement

  • The Road-Kill Behind Me



    Total Everything On The Runway

    Chapter 14: Checkpoint 12. After you get in the car to chase down the plane, you will have several enemy Humvee's chasing you. You will need to blow them up along with the helicopter and police cars. If you miss blowing something up, reload the checkpoint and you will be reset back to when you first get inside the car.

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  • simple achievement. just destroy every car and the helicopter with your grenate launcher right at the end of chapter 14
  • If you're loading from checkpoints, you have to use chapter 14 checkpoint 12, NOT checkpoint 13. Also make sure you destroy the helicopter.
  • its easier if you destroy the helicopter first as soon as u see it then grenade the vehicles immediatelr after
  • It doesnt say it but can you use auto aim to help? Or is this free aim as well?
  • @#2 - Loading Checkpoint 13 works, just did it. @#4 - The Grenade Launcher seems to be Free Aim no matter what setting you choose.
  • Big help if you use bullet time to help take out the police cars as you can't turn to the side or look behind you. Helped me a lot!
  • Confirmed CP 13 works, good tip using Bullet Time on the stationary cop cars.
  • Just got this. Using Hard Lock definitely helped.
  • Simple. "Transofrm" Max into a wrecking ball and destroy everything in sight.
  • Took me forever to get through this achievement >_< Had to set my aiming settings to max and bullet time at the police cars...sometimes one of the police wouldn't get eaten by the explosions though. Thanks for the tips!
  • Worked great at CP 13 - especially using BT on cop cars.
  • Yup, CP 13, popped just after I blew up, guess my last shot connected :-D
  • did in first try, no problem, thanks for the guide thou. cheers'
  • 1st try! Easy, Hard Lock, Checkpt 13! Use of Bullet Time killed it

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