The Fear Of Losing It Achievement

  • The Fear Of Losing It



    Survive A Level Without Painkillers

    This would be easiest done on Easy difficulty on the first mission. Take your time, use Bullet Time and use cover. If your health gets too low you will go into last stand and a Painkiller will be used automatically, if you think this might happen, restart checkpoint, doing so will still enable you to unlock the achievement at the end of the level. 

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  • Should be simple to do on the first level on easy.
  • agreed
  • should be noted that you also can't die during the level
  • yup, very easy to obtain this achievement on the first chapter.
  • #3: LIES. I got this on Chapter 2, and know I died at least twice, once by shootdodging off the building.
  • hes right, u cant die, but the first level is the shortest and easiest, ive played it on hard, old school and nym and if i can do this 3 times then its not hard at all!
  • got this on chapter three after using 8 painkillers and dying lots on hard :P
  • Achievement is glitched; got it while sticking my cock in a blender.
  • @ #8 You need a better hobby bro
  • I tried sticking my cock in a blender and the achievement didn't unlock, why do you have to lie to people?
  • Yea this achievement is defo glitched i tried to stick my cock in the blender and my pubes strangulated my balls, damn achievement whores.
  • Level 1=simple
  • You can get this from starting at chapter 1 checkpoint 2. Just did it while grabbing golden gun parts I had missed on first playthrough.
  • Done it by accident when playing the game on Old School. Passed the first chapter without getting shot, although I didn't have to worry so much.
  • I can confirm, you definitely can die - you just can't go into last stand, which automatically will use a painkiller. Just got it on old school and stupidly died a couple times trying to get melee kills.
  • Got it at the final act of the bus fight. But I'm convinced it's glitched because I used one painkiller in the scene. And I used others in earlier checkpoints. Also I restarted the checkpoint several times. So I'm not really sure what they inted for "level". If I'm mistaken and didn't used painkillers, than it means the game ignores painkillers ingested in checkpoints that gets restarted, or maybe a checkpoint is a level(?)
  • I did this one on chapter replay. Chapter 2. I died several times but I didnt use any painkillers. So I think you can die.
  • This achievement is glitched. I've done both chapter 1 and 2 (level 1 and 2) without touching the painkillers. Still don't have it.
  • #18 Same Here

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