It's Fear That Gives Men Wings Achievement

  • It's Fear That Gives Men Wings



    10 Bullet Time® Kills In A Row

    You will need to get 10 kills during one Bullet Time for this achievement will unlock. Follow the video guide and you should have no difficulty achieving this.

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  • They trademarked "Bullet Time"?
  • I was going to post the same thing...
  • Bold move, R*.
  • lol same here, trademarked a word, what a bunch of rich pussies.
  • it was trademarked by Warner Bros. for the Matrix film, not by R* Just thought i'd put that out there.
  • No one realised this was a name of a level in the Original Max payne?? nice one R* :D
  • Oh yeah your right Adam. I just played through the first one recently.
  • @ #6 correct, but they did that on purpose. Many of the achievement titles in the list are based on Max Payne's awesome quotes from previous games. Each level from the first two games has a title that comes from a line Max says. at one point you hear Max say "I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings", thus the title of the level "it's fear that gives men wings". It's just a reference for fans, not a mistake.
  • Lol at the [email protected] bashing R* for "trademarking" bullet time when it wasn't even them that did it. Since it was trade marked before they used it in this achievements description they have to put the little "r" icon. "bullet time" refers to the camera technique warner bros developed for the matrix. The word isn't trade marked. It doesn't mean that R* trademarked it just that it is a registered trademark. Idiots. Go play another game you don't deserve to play R* games.
  • Aside from the talk about the title... I found an easy place to do this is after the bus chase when it crashes. There's easily 12-15 guys tat swarm you. And your bullet time stays full you're getting shot at so much.
  • #10 doesnt work for me. i kill about 12-15 guys while being in bullet time but the achievement doesnt pop up -.-
  • this is a good guide :)
  • #11 you must just be bad then, gotthis first try with what #10 said. Just wait till bullet time is FULL use it with hardlock and just keep killing till it pops. Easy 20g
  • I got this achievement in Chapter 5: Checkpoint 17(?), on the boat chase scene where you are directly behind the two big boats (this is immediately before the end of the chapter where Passos drives off the ramp and through the building), and one of the large boats rams into you, causing you to drive underneath a series of docks while enemies shoot at you from speedboats and the two large ones. Hard lock will help out greatly in this section, provided you have enough BT meter to work with.
  • #13 no i´m not bad :D the chevo was just buggy in my situation. i stopped trying this and somehow later in the game while playing 1 minute mode the achievement suddenly popped up :D
  • #14 That worked a treat, loaded up Chapter 5 checkpoint 17 as you said, and had the achievemnt in 10 seconds or less. :)
  • Boat chase definitely the easiest to get this one.
  • Can this be done over two separate BT bursts? It just says in a row, not in the one burst.
  • no, all at once. But u can use hard lock, get it on easy, and the part there talking about is great on the boat, someone posted a vid that helped me get it, it was very detailed on when to start it and if u reload the check point and shoot everyone from that point and keep going without slow mo u can get the 30 kills in 2 min achievement real easy too
  • I can vouch for 10, except all I can say is, if you're used to Free Aim, then attempt it on Free Aim
  • Free Aim is the only way to play this game. Hard Lock is for pussies.
  • #21 lol
  • #14 shout out
  • Ok tried the 2 different boat scenes and the bus scene but the achievement still wouldn't pop up? :(
  • Neither of the boat scenes working for me. :(
  • #12 - Awesome guide - perfect!
  • Pretty easy during the bus scene
  • #14 sweet man-although i did think i'd achieved this on my first main playthrough but it didn't pop then so it could be glitchy-or maybe i am!
  • last check point on chapter 10, on the bus as others have said, got it in about 15 seconds,very easy
  • Yo guys, to be technical, max payne invented Bullet Time®, The Matrix bought the copyright to it for the 2005 game, The Matrix Online... The first Max Payne was in development way long before The Matrix was, the bullet time concept was there from the start... So, stop giving R* shit...
  • #30 - Finally, THANK YOU for bringing that up - also, Rockstar didn't even develop the first Max Payne, it was Remedy, jerks.
  • Got it too at the final act of the bus fight. Got the "The Fear Of Losing It*" too! *that is: survive a level without painkillers. But I'm connived it's a bug because I used one painkiller in the scene.
  • Yeah, #14's tip is the best. So easy.
  • Chapter 5 checkpoint #18.
  • #30 Even though you are right that max payne was in development long before the matrix & the slow motion gameplay always was planned to be a part of the game they did adopt the bullet time effect from the matrix... quote from Max Payne wikipedia: "Max Payne was actually in development long before the release of the The Matrix (1999), and slow-motion was a major gameplay element from the beginning, nonetheless the game has been perceived to have been greatly influenced by film as it adopted the bullet time effect for that gameplay mechanic." but that being said I can only agree that the fools bitching about R* without having the first clue of what they are talking about are a joke :)
  • took me few tries, but wow! that feeling when achievement popped up, Thanks for the video guide. cheers'

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