You Might Hurt Someone With That Achievement

  • You Might Hurt Someone With That



    Shoot 10 Airborne Grenades

    You will unlock this during the course of your playthroughs. Thankfully there will be a task within a mission where you must shoot airborne grenades.

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  • Set targeting to Hard Lock and when enemy throws a grenade shoot it in air.
  • Chapter 5: Checkpoint 13 Simply shoot the faggot throwing the grenade at you just a little after another guy injures your boat with a grenade. Reload checkpoint, repeat 9 more times. Also a good spot for farming those SP challenges.
  • i actually pop this one during the graveyard chapter when he was with Passo. i stayed behind the tombstone and didnt kill the guy throwing grenades up top til the very end. easy farming til i finally decided to kill him.
  • Chapter 8 is a good place for this. Just keep letting the guy shoot grenades at you and then shootdodge every time you attempt to shoot one.
  • ive shot around 25 and still dont have this.
  • Molotov's don't count so chapter 5 does not work
  • In the Graveyard Chapter, when you get to the guy with a grenade launcher, just go into bullet time and shoot the grenades. if you run out of bullet time reload or kill the 2 or 3 enemies around him, but the problem is if you don't kill the guy fast he'll actually hit you with a grenade, therefore you can either switch covers or reload checkpoint.
  • You may do this achievement in no time, by simply going to Chapter 10: Checkpoint 12 and restart the chapter after shooting the grenade throwing at you in the bus.
  • There's only one grenade in the boat scenes in Chapter to hit a different chapter.
  • The easiest way to do this achievement is Chapter X: Checkpoint 12. It goes into bullet time for you and then just restart the checkpoint. I only had to do it twice when it popped.

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