You Play, You Pay, You Bastard Achievement

  • You Play, You Pay, You Bastard



    100 Kills With Melee


    This is an accumulative achievement. To Melee an enemy while close press , you can use chapter select to go back for this one. Online Melee kills count toward this achievement.

    * Seems to be glitched, unlocks at random Melee counts.

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  • ^Achievement title
  • great cheevo name cant wait 2 get it
  • this is hard as fuck. try to get to someone close enough and not get shot, good luck
  • this is easy boostable in chapter 6. there is a moment where you have to disarm somebody. disarm him, shoot him and reload checkpoint. repeat this for about 10-20min and you should get the achievement :)
  • @Emphosix Do you know which Checkpoint in Chapter 6?
  • should be checkpoint 11 :)
  • Yep. I too feel like this is actually the quickest way to get that cheevo. It's the moment when the building is all on fire and you have to disarm the guy, like #4 said. Just keep doing it and reloading checkpoint. Took me about 10 minutes.
  • @Emphosix thank you sir!
  • i got the medal for it but no achievment :(
  • @bryanrocks14 try a few more times and it should unlock, mines did at 104 for some weird reason.
  • thanks it worked!
  • bump^
  • Took me 116 melee kills using the checkpoint. Was afraid I'd complete the grind before it popped lol
  • I got 105 melee kills and nothing popped up.
  • took me 107...
  • Mine took me 125 /: only 25 off getting the Platinum Grind it decided to pop /:
  • this can also be done online, so chances are if you're going to play online it will come to you anyway.
  • 128 :D
  • You can start Chapter XIII Checkpoint 1, and get 2 melee kills right at the beginning. Once youve melee'd the 2nd guy, restart the checkpoint. There is a 3rd guy, but if you kill him it might trigger another checkpoint, but im not sure.
  • the game is a bit messed up with this one, the grind will count any melee but for the achievement i think you need to trigger the brutal disarm for it to count, i found my first few plays i would sometimes go in for a disarm and id end up just pimp slapping them and it would count for the grind yet i didnt get the achievement till way after the grind said 100, so dont freak out if it takes a bit more, u need 150 for the grind anyway
  • Ok thanks at 129 still nothing popped thanks Hopefully I'll get it soon
  • just wanted to say thanks to all the guys who have helped me with these achievements
  • just hit over 100 and nothing...
  • thanks #4 and everyone else!
  • I used Chapter 1 Checkpoint 2: Run forward and beat down the 3 enemies grouped together, reload checkpoint and repeat. Took about 7 min. My achievement popped at 106 melee kills. Gl.
  • Nice tip Shug Nastytron. I carried on and did the 2 in the next room too and got the achievement after 125 melee kills.
  • I don't think that this achievement is glitched. I started out thinking that I could use the Shoot button to melee someone up close (which DOES melee) for this achievement, not KNOWING that the actual melee button was the Y button (XBOX 360). Just don't understand why this achievement wasn't clarified a little more by Rockstar. Anyway, use the Y button and ALSO make sure you see a small cinematic when trying to melee. It unlocked for me around 110 (the first 10 being done with the Shoot button).
  • hmm ... got it @ 121 ... weird ?!?
  • Chapter 13's beginning is great. Melee kill the first two then hit Bullet Time and run up an kill the third guy. Then restart the checkpoint. Took me 108 kills.
  • Maybe any disconected matches online won't count like most games when something online doesn't count, I got my melee at 110, and I know I had only a few online, or maybe you have to kill 100 online or 100 in single player, like RDR with the 500 kills with weapons.
  • took me 113 kills...
  • I'm pretty sure this all has to be done in Single Player, people. Sorry if I'm wrong, but I REALLY think so.
  • 121. Luckily these forums exist, I thought I'd never get this because of some bug but you reassured me. To the skepticals, it's not hard to get melees, just have to choose the right situation and shooting in the leg someone can allow to get to him. I milked the last 16 (+21) in the favela, where you start in cover and there's an UFE coming up a staircase, with another pinning you from across. Vaulting over in BT is a blast, then you have other two UFEs in the alley and other two will come up from a corner. So there's potentially 3-4 melee in the sequence and you can play so many different ways...
  • I had over 150 melees before unlocking this.
  • Chapter 6 Checkpoint 11 confirmed. Took me 101 kills.
  • Either one of the checkpoints discussed above work well
  • I got this one with 100 kills in multiplayer so it works on songle player or multiplayer but isnt both combined. Must be 100 kills in on or the other.
  • Took me 108..thanks
  • Got it at 115 :D
  • I got this at 127. :) Chapter 1 Checkpoint 2 is the way to go if you want to grind this along with the platinum medal.
  • I didn't know you could use [Y But], I was just using the trigger. I am at 90. I really don't want to grind through this if I have to pretty much start over. Can anyone confirm if [RT But] works toward this achievement or not. And message me on xbox live. ~ PsychoticMunkey
  • Got mine at 124. RT does count as melee. That's actually the only way I had ever melee'd in this game. Don't know why I had to go to 124. I got the achievement on chapter six, after the explosion. My 100th melee actually came up on the 'disarm soldier' sequence. No achievement, though. Just kept reloading check point till it popped...
  • what #4 said, thank you, although it should only take about 5 minutes. mine popped at 102 kills
  • okay I think I figured it out. the achievement calls for you to get 100 melee kills, hitting Y when youre close triggers max to hit them and killing them: counts as 1 melee. but other times like when you kick em while theyre down, anything that doesnt trigger that animation also counts as a a melee hit on your grind, but probably not towards the achievemnt. thus why so many posts of ppl getting it well over 100
  • 125 melees then popped up but I am sure it wasnt 25 times with kick Heh8me. Still questianable. When your up close you can also use RT for a melee kill. I did my melees on chapter 2 checkpoint 3, from the 4 guys here you can at least melee 2 and sometimes 3, and if you get shot its mostly ends with you on the back so you can also work on those back kills for the all of the above achievement.
  • Took 107. All I used was the rt so y doesnt have to be used for it to work. Easiest was chapter two when you first go into the back club, checkpoint 6ish. Just run through there. Shot two people and melle about 6 or 7 each run through. Then just reset the checkpoint. Took about ten minutes starting at 3 melles.
  • Got it at 112 melees.
  • Thanks for the comments, Chapter 6 Checkpoint 11 made it easy, less then 10 minutes and achievement popped up. Cheers'
  • Got it after a count of #121 kills...a bit glitched, but will popo out eventually. Recall the kill count achievements from Army of two Devils CArtel...also pop out after the score limit is reached !!!
  • 115 for me

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