Colder Than The Devil's Heart Achievement

  • Colder Than The Devil's Heart



    Kill 30 Enemies In 2 Minutes

    See the video for a method to use

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  • easy to do at the end of chapter 5. after the sequence where you have to shoot the grenate in mid air, simply kill all people on the other side very fast and shoot the gas station as soon it is in sight. then shoot the people in the cars and the achievement should pop up :)
  • can you give me a checkpoint to start from?
  • Load up Chapter X Checkpoint 11, set aim to Hard Lock and shoot away. Achievement should pop up by the time you're shooting the bad guys that are coming down some stairs.
  • Easiest done in Chapter 10 while shooting from the side of the bus, got it there in first try without knowing it would trigger there,
  • Haven't seen your comment there #3, sorry for repost
  • A way way easier way to do this is load chapter 2 of "A New York Minute" after you get on the chopper just simply unleash hell, make sure its on softlock that makes it a little bit easier.
  • I got mine at the end of the 5th chapter(Alive if not Exactly Well). :)
  • Yes, much easier to do at the end of Chapter 5 (just do the last checkpoint). Mine unlocked when I had to kill all of those people on the boats.
  • Chapter 10, Checkpoint 11 Easy Hard Lock You need to kill everyone Bullet time is helpful Remember to not shoot the rocket guy right away, go for the two other guys then him. Also it doesn't end right at the rocket guy so be prepared to wipe out another terminal type area.
  • Can't seem to get this. I've timed it and have easily got 30+ kills 7 or 8 times in under 1:45 so I understand what I am doing wrong.
  • Restarted Xbox and retried and got it on first attempt.
  • I tried Chapter 5, from checkpoint 13 on and no dice. I'm on Hard Lock and easy and peeps are dying quickly, just not quick enough.
  • Chapter 5, checkpoint 14. Didn't pop at first. I was using free aim. Still manged to hit everyone. Switched to 'hard lock' and got it straight away. Seems like it's a bit glitched...
  • Chapter 10 checkpoint 11 - Bus Ride... didnt even know when i got it
  • Extremely easy to get chapter 5 checkpoint 14 with hard lock, got it before the trucks drove up alongside the boat.
  • Even with hard lock the boat chapter wasn't working out no matter how many times I did it. The bus ride chapter is definitely the way to go.
  • I got that in Chapter 10 - Checkpoint 11 when I was trying for "Trouble Had Come To Me" achievement.. Cheers
  • I just got doing this achievement like 2 min ago. I got it on bus ride in chapter 10 if you do everything fast enough it's really easy. I also got the "Trouble Had Come To Me" achievement while doing so. Also I barely started playing this game and I am looking for people who are willing to help with multiplayer achievements, GT: VORRAM message me along with friend request.

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