A Few Hundred Bullets Back Achievement

  • A Few Hundred Bullets Back



    Use Every Weapon In The Game


    There are a total of 26 weapons you will need to use to unlock this achievement, just get a kill or two with each to be certain it registers and you will have no problems. Here's a list of all weapons in the game:

    • .38
    • PT92
    • 1911
    • 608 Bull
    • Sawn-off
    • M10
    • M972
    • Auto 9MM
    • Micro 9MM
    • DE .50
    • AK-47
    • MPK
    • SAF .40
    • FAL
    • RPD
    • M4 SUPER 90
    • M500
    • MINI-30
    • MD-97L
    • Super Sport
    • M82A1
    • Rotary Grenade Launcher
    • LAW
    • LMG .30
    • G6 Commando
    • SPAS-15

    * Glitched for some people, won't unlock after using all weapons.

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  • where the hell is RPG in singleplayer?
  • ^this did anyone actually find the rpg ?
  • I also have no clue where the RPG is, I hope that's the only weapon I've yet to use. Pretty sure I've used every other gun.
  • G9 grenade launcher------(Part of Disorderly Conduct in multiplayer Light Anti-Tank Weapon---(Part of Silent Killer in multiplayer)
  • there is no rpg for you to shoot in singleplayer. and if there is you dont need it for the achievement
  • i´ve read somewhere that the rpg is just a preorder bonus o.ô could be wrong though..
  • So then getting the Golden RPG was then meaningless. So would this be a whole game chiev like single/multi then?
  • It's a single player cheevo. However, i did use grenade once while playing multi, so I'm not 100% sure. There is no RPG for you to use, so don't look for it. There are only rpg parts to collect, but you can't shoot it. Just make sure you kill the bad guys with these weapons: grenade luncher, LAW. People seem to miss these as you have to kill with them to pop the achievement. For me the last weapon was Super Sport shotgun dropped by a guy while playing level when you have to plant explosives in the building.
  • I have seriously used every single weapon in the game and i still haven't unlocked it, if someone knows what's going on then please let me know cuz it seems so simple, but it isn't.
  • Apperantly you have to kill with all weapons in the game.
  • Chapter 13, I'm not sure the exact checkpoint, after you blow up the armored vehicle that can kill you with one shot there's another LAW to the right leaning against the back bumper of a cop car. When that checkpoint starts, it's the cop car directly in front of the barricade Max is using for cover. Grab it and shoot one of the guys that storms through the gate. The cheevo should pop if you changed your guns often.
  • Pretty good guide here just work your way through the list :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJS0yegQ8ns
  • thanks @ 12
  • Exit police station, use LAW on tank, pick up new LAW shoot officers coming in thru the gate ach. popped. In case anyone has problems. I have not fired a RPG, but i have shot rockets fired at me, so i think the last one needs to be the LAW on a person and not just the tank. Sry if this is old news.
  • aaand i see nr11 beat me to it :)
  • do you need to use the law on the left or the one leaning on the police car after youve blown up the armoured van
  • Chapter 13 checkpoint 5 is where the LAW (missile launcher) is located.
  • was going for this one and couldnt figure out which weapon i was missing. then i thought hmmm maybe the LAW does count as a kill when you destroy the vehicle. so i picked up the spare one leaning against the car on the right side and waited for the guy to come out of the gate and BOOOOM! killed them. then the achievement popped. glad it wasnt glitched. :)
  • In the guide mentioned @12, they list a FMP G3S sniper rifle that is only available at the end of the mock training course. Apparently you have to shoot him in the legs and make him drop the weapon down to the floor. Perhaps this is the 27th gun and why it seems to be glitched for some people?
  • Make sure to get a kill with BOTH grenade launchers. The one in the New jersey level and the one in the police station with the LAW
  • It's the SAME grenade launcher but for whatever reason you have to use both watch last few minutes of guide posted earlier Chapter 8 chkpt 4 Chapter 13 chkpt 5
  • I can confirm this is only single player. I've used and killed with every gun online and got that All Rounder grind completed and no achievement.
  • @12 Thanks for the guide. That guy sure knows how to make really good guides. :)
  • If you think your missing a gun, chances are its either the LAW or the Super Sport Shotgun. The LAW must be used on an enemy other than the armored vehicle. The sport shotgun is nearly useless in the game because you need to be in close proximity of an enemy to kill them. THERE IS NO RPG USED IN SINGLEPLAYER. Good luck to anyone that needs this. Achievemnthunter.com has a good 4 part community video showing gun locations by chapters.
  • Try the LAW first. Be sure to DROP the first one and not just pick up the second one's ammo. I went through every weapon on the list TWICE before finally trying the LAW.
  • #11 has it spot on! thanks!
  • I was missing a grenade launcher from the Imperial Pallis. When you first make contact with enemies. Kill them and in that room, or the next room, there is a grenade launcher just stilling on cart/desk near a door. Hope this helps.
  • Cheers to #8. That was it.
  • The last weapons I needed were the LAW and the FMP G3S sniper rifle. I did the LAW first and tried clearing all the badies, then picking up and taking the a spare LAW inside with me. I shot the guy in the hallway and anination had his limbs flying in different directions, but he stayed alive. I re-ran it again and just killed the first enemies after the armored truck was blown up. I then went to the training course #19 mentioned. It's Chapter 13, Checkpoint 16. I shot the guy with my pistol from pretty far away and he actually fell off the back of the shipping container somehow...but didn't die. So I waited 20 seconds and he came after me on foot. Bullet to the face, stole his gun and killed about 15 more UFE thugs before I ran out of bullets...still waiting on the achievement. According t
  • I restarted my Xbox, loaded up Ch 13, checkpoint 5 and got the achievement in 30 seconds. So, if you're running through the entire level like me and shooting every enemy you see with the LAW and they don't die, try a restart.
  • Def can comfirm that it is the LAW in most cases, i was sure that i used all the weapons in the single player but after reading here i went back and used the LAW as was stated here and bingo! Achievement unlocked! Great find! thnx!
  • thank you #11. was only the LAW i needed, although i had to reload the check point and get kills with it twice
  • LAW worked for me, thank you all. I was beginning to worry about a glitch...
  • Does this include multiplayer?
  • I can confirm that the grenade launcher is bugged and requires you to use it multiple times. Achievement finally popped for me when I used the grenade launcher in chapter 12. I had previously used the grenade launcher in the new jersey stage and every other weapon multiple times.
  • If you go to the Rockstar Social Club you can see how many kills you have with each weapons http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/maxpayne3/sp/weapons
  • Thanks for info ATR NAD
  • I rigourously went through all these weapons marking them off as I went and no cheevo. Went back to the LAW with the armored vehicle and popped first time. If this doesn't happen for you go back and make sure to use grenade launcher - there is one sat next to the first LAW on the left hand side in this area so a good place to check back with.
  • I needed the LAW and the Super Sport Shotty. Thanks to the video #12 linked I have the achievement now :D
  • i have a different story.it unlocked for me but when i pushed the central button to confirm the achievement,it got stuck.my gamerscore was zero and the profile corrupted.i had to delete profile and recover it.the achievement was not there though.the game save registered the ach but not my profile.
  • I got this by using the Rotary Grenade Launcher on chapter 13 checkpoint 5. It's to the left of the Law you use to blow up the armored vehicle. (I had previously used the Rotary Grenade Launcher on chapter 8, but the achievement didn't unlock).
  • It seems like every kill I get with the Rotary Grenade Launcher counts as an RPG kill on my Social Club stats page. I have the games on demand version of MP3, not sure if this is a glitch that happens to more people or if I'm just unlucky, but I figured I'd share.
  • #8 thank you very much. Popped as soon as i watched a UFE fly across the car park.
  • The LAW is the last one I need, but despite trying everything, I can't seem to get a kill with it. I've fired it directly at enemies but they don't die. I've tried firing it at the floor next to the enemy; at walls next to the enemy; at vehicles the enemy is hiding behind but nothing works...

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