Past The Point Of No Return Achievement

  • Past The Point Of No Return



    Take 100 Painkillers

    If you happen to not take 100 painkillers during your playthroughs, go back with chapter select and every time you get a bottle of painkillers take them. You could even keep reloading checkpoint after taking pills until the achievement unlocks.

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  • I think Max drank more of these during the cut scenes in his apartment than I have in the whole game lol.
  • If anyone has finished the story and hasn't already got this achievement, then go onto Chapter 1, Checkpoint 2 on hard difficulty with hard aim on. You start with 4 pain killers and there are 5 enemies. Just let them shoot them until you go down each time. Then rinse and repeat till 100 painkillers are consumed. I hope this helps.

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