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    Find All Clues


    Each chapter has clues for you to find. Follow this video to find them all:

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  • LOL - LA noire :D god i love you Rockstar!
  • :-D Hahhh! Too funny! And good catch! So do you think Max will carry a notebook? And maybe he's been taking art classes, so all of his sketches will look amazing!
  • Video Guide of all Clues: Ch. 01-05: Ch. 06-10: Ch. 11-14: You unlock a cheat once you get them all.
  • Thanx XCVii 007, your vids really helped alot.
  • Cheers XCVii 007, were yours the golden gun vids too? Much help.
  • I cant seem to find the tourist in his cell at the end!! I know im in the right place. But hes not there!!
  • Scrub that! He doesnt apear till either you kill all enemies or you are about to leave area! He wasnt in cell when i went straight there. But as i was about to leave area i heard him. Went back and he was there! After it popped up he got a bullet for his trouble too!!!
  • Can this be done through chapter select?
  • Finally!! did it

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