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    Discover All Tourist Locations


    You will unlock it when collecting all of the clues in the game. Believed to be all of the 'Tourist' and 'Ex-Cop'clues. It should unlock when recording the final 'Ex-Cop' clue in Chapter 14.

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  • what are those tourist locations??
  • It's just the location of a no-name NPC, .. who is a Tourist. You have a opportunity to meet him twice in the game, and he's not that hard to find. 1st encounter: at 2:40 2nd encounter: at 7:53
  • I met him in the skin club and the UFE jail still no 'chievo
  • hes also in the bathroom of chapter 14
  • i think it counts both him and the cop from dakota, which is who i was talking about at the time, i just came across this guy for the first time
  • The Ex-Cop is also a Tourist because they are in Brazil. I made a video guide here.
  • wow, never ran into the businessman at all. ran into the cop tho- anyone kno if I can jus go back thru checkpoints and get still get this achievement?
  • n/m was able to do so.
  • Can someone please post the chapters and checkpoints for all these?? Ty!!
  • - Chapter 2.4 - Ex-Cop Kill the guy who has just executed a civilian. Fight through the club. You'll exit the club and find a mural of two girls kissing. On the opposite wall are 3 doors, one of them has a green light. Approach it to trigger a cutscene with the retired cop. - Chapter 7.4 - Ex-Cop Walk up the steps and on your left you'll see the retired cop in a building under the banner "Anjos Do Morro". Approach the window and you'll trigger a cutscene. - Chapter 7.6 - Tourist After shooting your way out of the bar and the corridors in the back. Before leaving through the pink double-doors, in the room to the right the tourist is hiding under the bed. Walk into the room and alongside the bed to trigger the cutscene. - Chapter 13.3 - Tourist Move through the cells until you s
  • found all 4 of them, but it didn't pop.. I found them during my playthrough. Maybe I'll go back and check on them all again...
  • #3 - there is another location on the second floor of the loading bay (Chapter 14). Once the first initial area is cleared, head up the stairs and clean out the hallway, once you're done, look for a bathroom which will be on your right. There is a collectable there as well as the tourist guy that you've seen before. (chubby american x-cop)Will be in the bathroom stall.
  • Anyone else having the problem of the tourist in the jail not being there? I've look a million times and he's no where to be found
  • @13 Kill every cop in the jail area(13.3), but don't go through the gate, instead go back and you should now be able to hear him shouting for help. I think there is about 5 or 6 guards in total. Also all the 5 tourist visits are actually listed in the "clues" section for each chapter so its easy to check which ones you have found.
  • I wouldn't of got this achievement if I didn't hear the last tourist just before going through the gate, basically got lucky.
  • So I've got all of these but the achievement hasn't popped. I really don't understand because I got the achievement for collecting all the clues and when I go to level select all the glues show as collected. Anyone have the same problem? What should I do?
  • Ok, I got it to pop. Reloaded each location and collected the related clues again. It popped on the 13.3 one (prison cell tourist). The only thing I can think is that while playing that level I finished playing and turned xbox off but I don't remember starting from that point again.
  • Works perfectly!
  • Do you have to be on a particular difficulty for the tourist and ex-cop to show up?
  • Thanks for the video. Got it
  • The last one is Chapter 14 checkpoint 3.
  • when 'an echo of the past' popped up, this popped alongside. cheers

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