A License To Kill Achievement

  • A License To Kill



    Collect All Golden Guns


    Throughout the single player you will find parts for Golden Guns, here is a video showing the location of each part:

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  • Is this in MP or SP? I really wish they would designate with "Online:" or something...
  • please be collectables :D !!!
  • @1: I think all the Multiplayer are at the bottom, together. So this is singleplayer... Also, the achievement All Of The Above is for getting every singleplayer achievement which are all ahead of this one..
  • What do golden guns do? any buff to normal weapons?
  • Gives you some extra ammo in the magazine(my uzi went from 32 rounds a mag to 45 after getting it's gold), not sure about damage/fire rate.
  • Video Guide of all Golden Gun parts: Ch. 01-05: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoAEVr1qgus Ch. 06-10: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nkz5mtPHkk Ch. 11-14: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5vNk4n6RCA I think you unlock unlimited ammo cheat if you collect them all.
  • @4 Golden weapons also do an additional 10% in damage.
  • @XCVii 007 thanks for the links bruh, the vids were great guides. got this and the clues achievement earlier today.
  • if you collect all golden weapons,then you get also the ability for unlimited ammo if you replay your level that you already past,also this counts as a cheat,so stats and achievements.will be disabled,hopely only if you set it on,because i want all achievements,but i want try this.oh by the way i have al golden guns already,very easy to find. but not if the bullets go to you,lol
  • Due to Max Paynes "old school" sort of personality I bet in real life he would shake his head if he owned a gold gun. Sorry Max, but I'm going to pimp out ur weapons. Max takes pain killer.
  • for golden guns and clues http://www.thehdroom.com/news/Max-Payne-3-Clues-and-Golden-Guns-Parts-Locations-Guide/10734
  • or this 1 aswell !!! http://www.gamesradar.com/max-payne-3-clues-and-golden-gun-parts-guide/
  • Kinda hate the golden guns. Although I'm loving the bonuses. :D
  • If you cant find the Sawed off shotgun part 3, Its Chapter 6 Part 16. After you light the fireworks and blow up the apartment, walk VERY SLOWLY up the hill. When you kill everyone in that area, look for it under the palm tree. If its not there, just reload the chapter and check again. Apparently the Favela has terrible loading issues, so the more time you give it to load, the better your chances of picking up that last piece.
  • If your following a guide and the gun is not there (part) Just die and reload the checkpoint . The gun part should spawn
  • Also don't confide in the social club website. The site said I had the clip to a gun so I was looking for the handle, for ages I was reloading, loading a previous checkpoint etc then I noticed in the pause menu I had different items. Strange. The game menu off is 100% not the website
  • Had a break for good few hour come back and collect all gold guns. And it didn't unlock, guess this is a glitchy One. :( what to do now...
  • NVM I went to dashboard, then loaded up the last level and checkpoint, then it popped I think it might of been cause I exit to main menu soon as it said gun collected. All good anyway :)
  • I don't understand why they added Golden RPG parts if we can't use the RPG in single player. Good to know the damage for all the weapons is upped, this will help when I do a run through on Old School.
  • Can you find the golden guns using chapter select
  • lol
  • @ comment 20... yes. i am doing this now.
  • Why is it so hard for the people who make these vids to tell us what checkpoint these guns are in?
  • Hey there! Having problem with chapter 14(medium) at the beggining (the hangar section) so going to leave that way for now and do some other achievements on easy. But, changing the difficulty affects others achievements?
  • collected all the golden gun, double checked it, restarted the game, restarted the checkpoint, but achievement wont pop.. bummer :(
  • LOL nvm , Got the achievement, Thanks for the video guide thou. Cheers'

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