All Of The Above Achievement

  • All Of The Above



    Finish All Single Player Grinds

    In single player you have Grinds to complete, you can see the list from the main menu by going into 'Single Player' and then 'Grinds'. Each Grind has a bronze, silver, gold and platinum medal, you will need to platinum each Grind to unlock the achievement. 

    If you start a new game it will not reset your Grinds

    Grinds and their Platinum requirements:

    • Bloodbath - Get a total of 2,500 kills
    • Head Master - Get a total of 1,000 Headshots
    • Arms Dealer - Shoot 250 enemies in the arm/hand
    • Leg Payne - Shoot 250 enemies in the leg/foot
    • Below The Belt - Shoot 250 enemies in the groin
    • Dodge Brawl - Get a total of 1,000 kills during ShootDodge
    • Artful Dodger - ShootDodge for a total of 50 mins
    • Take Your Time - Get a total of 1,000 kills during Bullet Time
    • Bullet River - Shoot a total of 25,000 rounds
    • Take A load Off - Shoot a total of 250 enemies while prone
    • Slow Dive - Perform an 8 secs Shootdodge
    • Cam Lover - Watch a total of 500 Bullet cams
    • Wreckage - Blow up a total of 200 vehicles
    • Double Damage - Get a total of 1500 kills while dual wielding
    • Blow Out - Get a total of 250 kills with explosions
    • Guesswork - Get a total of 250 kills with Blind fire
    • The Turtle - Get a total of 1000 kills from Cover
    • Back from the Dead - Survive 250 Last Man Standings
    • Fire works - Shoot 200 Explosives out of the air
    • Scrapper - Melee 150 enemies
    • Pharmacist - Use 500 Painkillers
    • Fall Guys - Cause 250 enemies to topple over railings
    • Keep it Simple - Get a total of 1,000 kills with hand guns
    • Shotgun Dues - Get a total of 1,000 kills with shotguns
    • Rapid Fire - Get a total of 1,000 kills with sub-machine guns
    • If it Ain't Broke - Get a total of 1,000 kills with rifles
    • Eagle Eye - Get a total of 1,000 kills with sniper rifles
    • The Lounger - 250 kill while laying on your back

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  • I'm guessing this will unlock once you get all other SP achievements? Like this one.
  • For a sec there i thought it meant grinds as in grind a rail like tony hawks or sonic adventure 2...
  • Think this might be a series of singleplayer challenges like get x amount of kills with each weapon or something.
  • Brilliant description!!! Finish all the other grinding achvs!!! LOL
  • I think its 100% game completion for single player
  • @5 yeh for 100G id guess the same
  • no there is single player challenges that u have to complete there is 28 in total to get this achievement :)
  • I'd have thought challenges and collectables too maybe?
  • I love single player challenges. Started with SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION. Its like achvs with more achvs. Gives u lots to do!
  • I actually like this. The challenges in SP adds replay value to the game. Not like the game isn't worth playing through again anyway. I just beat it and I have to say I like this game more than I thought. Definitely going to try and get this!
  • I just checked these on the Rockstar Social Network and they are literal grinds. If you're planning on getting this, you better grab a Snickers.
  • Easy enough. As the name implies, you can just grind each challenge on a checkpoint by reloading it. Each challenge can be tracked through the main menu under "Grinds" in the Story/Multiplayer sections. Golden guns also tie into about half the challenges, so it's imperative that you hunt down the collectables as you play. Most of the challenges have different degrees and magnitudes as you complete them, getting more tedious as you ascend from bronze to gold rank challenges.
  • I guess once you go through the game multiple times to get difficulty achievements you should have most of them
  • will you still have the same stats one you re-play the story on a different difficulty?
  • @14 yeah the stats carry through even when you restart checkpoint
  • sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close, just got the lounger grind complete , now just shotguns, melees, people falling, 8 more bullet cams and im done! wow, the time spent on this one alone.
  • Double damage is easy to grind on chapter III checkpoint 8. You'll kill about 13 goons including the last two on stairs. Then just reload checkpoint. Similar story with shotgun dues. Load the same checkpoint, get the shotgun dropped by the guy down the stairs, get some ammo on the way, go upstairs killing two guys there, through the door. You'll start another checkpoint. Switch to shotgun. You'll get about 10 kills with it and just keep reloading that checkpoint from now on.
  • Wreckage, fireworks, guesswork, blowout are best achieved on chapter x checkpoint 12.
  • Dodge brawl, artful dodger, back from the dead and cam lover are easy on chapter vIII checkpoint 5
  • The Lounger and Take a load off also works great on chapter VIII checkpoint 5.
  • Thanks for the tips @17&18
  • do you have to get the platinum level grinds or is bronze fine?
  • Dude ^^^ it says finish ALLLLLLLLLLLLL GRINDSSSSS what does all mean to you? Your asking if bronze is fine. Obviously no. Get plat for each one. So each grind says "COMPLETED" Why do people make achievements harder to understand? I don't get it
  • Seems easy enough after numerous hours of sweating
  • Chapter 10 last checkpoint is a good spot to get platinum medals in shooting enemy projectiles (start the checkpoint and stay in the cover but don't kill anyone and they will take turns trowing grenades at you), destroying cars there is about 6 cars which you can shot at which also gets you the killing enemy's with explosions medal
  • Chapter 5, checkpoint 13 (I think) for projectiles bro. There's one molotov every 5 seconds as opposed to half minute. The end of Chapter 10 is good for vehicle destruction and killing enemies in explosions. Currently grinding Chapter 8, checkpoint 5 for Dodge Brawl (Shootdodge kills)
  • Finished with style Chapter 8.5 Run and Shootdodge 5 headshots before I hit the ground NICE
  • Only three more grinds for this one. The one that takes the longest is the 'recover from Last Man Standing' 250 times..
  • this is going to take a long time
  • any advice on the Fall Guys grind? like what checkpoint to load?
  • dus somebody know how you kill while prone is?
  • @#20:romaudi,can you explane me what to do for "take a load off"? thnx
  • #32 - Don't rush to stand up after shootdodging, just stay there on the floor and pick off any enemies you can. You can also just lay down and shoot everyone until you complete it. I got this one just playing through so it's not a difficult grind.
  • #33 thnx for explaining !! gonna try it now
  • terrific thnx skweezle II
  • any advice on fall guys grind ? chapter and cp ? thnx
  • Got it! yays!
  • ~36 I can't rmember the chapter but it's the level in the bus terminal at the point where you shoot a gantry that two enemies are running across. They fall and die. That checkpoint reloads at the exact moment you rush to shoot it so this is quite a lot quicker to complete than you'd think
  • Very amusing achievement. This one is fun!
  • @38 It's chapter X checkpoint 7. It also counts the kills, if you always reload after you killed them :)
  • thank you
  • but this will take some time
  • Will take many plays
  • For Blow Out, I think Ch. 13 Checkpoint 5 might be the best one to get kills with explosives. Just use the grenade launcher where the LAW is on the left side (after you find cover for the first time), and grind some kills after you take out the vehicle. If you know anywhere else that can grind this one faster than the place I mentioned, that'd be great.
  • Best place for cam lover is chapter 3 , checkpoint 12. All you have to do is shoot Passos; this may seem sick but it actually does count for a bullet cam. Just click retry and repeat as necessary.
  • The most satisfaction I've gotten from earning one single achievement in a long time
  • after 4 play throughs the only ones i needed were melee kills, grenades shot out of the air, vehicles destroyed and blind fire kills. melees finished in about 5 minutes on chapter 6 2nd to last checkpoint and the other 3 about 20 minutes chapter 10 last checkpoint
  • Yeah some take a whole lot of time, but in the end you will have 100 gs to add and that makes all worth it to me.
  • 200 Molotovs is easy at level 10 checkpoint 12, it starts in the bus where a granate is thrown at you, shoot it and then restart, worked very fast for me.
  • For the ones who still have problems, this site also has a ps3 part and they made it easier, just follow this link
  • It's only 100 kills with sniper rifles - say's 1000 on the guide.
  • Also, only 500 shotgun kills.
  • I made this video playing the theme from this game with Alice: Madness Returns... Interesting, but WARNING to younger people: There is some high pitched feedback noise that I couldn't hear because I'm old.
  • Sorry, here it is:
  • "WARNING to younger people: There is some high pitched feedback noise that I couldn't hear because I'm old." LOL, very funny. I can't hear the sonar squeaks of bats anymore. :( NB: Be careful with your save file and use Cloud with a HDD back up - I changed my controls to Type 4 online and it corrupted my file and I've lost everything! Online even says I've completed no Story stuff and has re-locked the gold weapons! Crap game! Stupid grinding - DLC-conning achievements! Nothing to the actual game but shooting. 5/10.

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