Full Monty Achievement

  • Full Monty



    Complete One Of Each Game Mode Including All Gang Wars

    There are 5 game modes you will have to play along with 12 different gametypes in gang wars. You must complete a full game in each mode for it to count.

    • Payne Killer
    • Gang Wars
    • Deathmatch
    • Team Deathmatch

    Gang Wars:

    • Delivery
    • Grab
    • Last Man
    • Passage
    • Siege
    • Short Fuse
    • Showdown
    • Survivor
    • Takedown
    • Total Turf
    • Turf Grab
    • Warfare

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  • im a little confused, all gang wars?..does that mean like on every map?
  • Believe it means one of each game type in gang wars. Theres like passage... Showdown... I think theres more than just 5. So just keep playing till it pops should randomize
  • Does this include the Hardcore playlists as well?
  • I know the hardcore playlists that unlock after 5000 kills don't count. I had played the other hardcore ones though, as well as all soft lock ones. It popped after playing one of the passages in gang wars. Apparently I didn't complete that tier beforehand.?? I was surprised, thinking I needed to do the hardcore ones I needed to unlock.
  • so you have to play all the playlists on soft lock and free aim? jus did all of them on soft lock including gang wars but no achievement-
  • nevermind- there's a few gang war types I haven't played yet, dammit.
  • I hate vague achievement descriptions. Seriously, its like the game developers are just being jerks. Like there'll be an achv that says something like: "Investigate the mystery." What friggin mystery?!
  • @7 - It's really not that vague. Complete a match in each game type (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, etc.) AND complete a round for each Gang Wars game type (Last Stand, Showdown, Turf, etc.) Do you want the achievement to list every single game type?
  • I seriously don't know what I'm missing for this one -_-
  • Hey, I hope this information helps. There are 12 different Gang Wars modes. They are.... 01. Warfare 02. Takedown 03. Short Fuse 04. Delivery 05. Grab 06. Turf Grab 07. Total Turf 08. Last Man 09. Siege 10. Passage 11. Survivor 12. Showdown ....So don't fret, y'all. It just takes a little patience to get each of these done, ESPECIALLY since each mode is RANDOM. I recommend saving Gang Wars for last. That way, you KNOW that it's all you have left until the achievement pops. You do NOT have to WIN them all, just PLAY them all. Later....
  • so it has to be on soft lock and free aim? or could you just play all the modes in free aim and the achievement pops?
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  • Pretty cool achievement name if you ask me ;)
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  • You need to buy DLC for this or you'll never find a session! You can play Large TDM, TDM, the odd Last Team/Man Standing, rarely a DM, but Gang Wars never has players. It'd probably kick you for not having bought the maps too. Move on. The MP3 achievements are just a con to make you pay, unlike GTA.
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