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    Invite someone to play through the in-game contact list

    When in the multiplayer main lobby scroll across to your friends using  and simply invite a friend. The achievement will unlock as soon as you invite them, no need for them to join.

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  • easy. to get this achievement get into multiplayer and hit RB and that should show you the in-game contact list. highlight any one of your friends or random person and select invite. pops up automatically. will not work if you invite someone from the controller menu. it must be done through the in-game contact list on multiplayer screen.
  • The person you invite doesn't even have to own the game, or be a gold member for that matter. They still show up and using one of them still gets the achievement.
  • If anyone wants to get the online achievements, just add me RafaChiliPepper.
  • One of the easiest achievements ever, but now I have to deal with the rest of the PIA multiplayer ones...
  • Well, that was easy
  • anyone want too do this one with me? GT: d3xta

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