Man Of Many Weapons Achievement

  • Man Of Many Weapons



    Unlock All Weapons

    There's a total of 32 weapons and equipment you'll need to unlock to obtain this achievement. These are all unlocked as you rank up through the multiplayer.

    You'll unlock the last lot of stuff at level 40 and that's when the achievement will unlock. You don't have to purchase them. 

    The weapons unlock at these different ranks:

    Rank 1: PT92, M500, .38 Revolver, M10 & MPK.
    Rank 2: Flashbang.Rank 4 - 1911, SAF .40, M972, FAL, AK-47, Mini-30, M4 Super 90, RPD, Tin Can & Grenade.
    Rank 20: 608 Bull, SPAS-15, FMP G35, MD-97L, AUTO 9MM, RPG, Smoke Grenade & Tear Gas.
    Rank 40: Super Sport, MICRO 9MM, DE .50, G6 Commando, Grenade Launcher, LMG, M82A1 & Sawn Off Shotgun.

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  • they should have just said reach #X rank, this game multiplayer grinding is so dragged out!
  • Desert Eagle is unlocked at lvl 40 and I think that is the last weapon so you should get it before you reach lvl 50
  • Keep in mind that you can grind your level up in Arcade mode if you're not such a fan of the multiplayer. Would prob take a while though.
  • MP is garbage in this game. it is very unfair and you cant do anything in private with normal players. Rockstar always basically supports shit MP experience.
  • @4 Agreed . The MP is also garbage to me . Inconsistent garbage ruins the online .
  • Are you kidding me? Well atleast games like this give me a break from playing CoD but what else can i say haters gone hate.
  • Achievement description fixed.
  • This really sucked, especially since I never paid attention to the weapons I have used. Ended up getting it on my second playthrough, shot an officer with the LAW.

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