Deathmatch Challenge Achievement

  • Deathmatch Challenge



    Winner In Any Public Deathmatch

    To unlock this achievement you have to place first in a game of Deathmatch (Free For All). Once you get familiar with the online gameplay and the levels this shouldn't be to much of a problem. If you're having trouble with this you could get some friends to boost it with.

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  • Might be trouble for some..
  • Like me! haha i hardly ever finish first how hard i try it all seems to go well and then someone overtakes me again at the very end with kills lol.
  • This one might require so extra help.
  • Just got it in the rookie lobby .. mini 30 camping being a jerk lol
  • Wow fuck deathmatch. Ridiculous ass spawns constantly dying. How the fuck am I suppose to win when I'm dying as soon as I spawn or when kids are spawning behind me. Worse than call of duty. Hopefully the other game modes aren't like this cause I loved the single player but if this bullshit continues on mp I'm selling it after I get all the single player achievements. Rage FTW
  • I just got it. Your best chance to get this is on the Rookie playlist where all the pipsqueak noobs are training. So don't waste time trying to rank up anywhere else.
  • Came in 1st on winning TDM in Rookie last night but no cheevie popped up :(.
  • #7 It has to be DM, not TDM.
  • Oh thank you Last Level, but now they dont even have the "rookie" games in the playlists lol
  • Just got it and I wasn't even trying to hard. Was using the Snitch/Sneaker(?) Loadout and running all about the place and looting everything. It was on the Nightclub Roof, stay high, take people out from the roofs, shootdodge your way down for fun, die, repeat.
  • Yea got mine on that nightclub roof the other night too. I just stayed on the ledge to the left of the helicopter pad and just kept dumping on people as they ran by lol. The hardhat is a lifesaver
  • Going to try to get this achievement. Need to get a party together and will help ohters get the achievement too. Gamertag: KILLERCLAW
  • dual wield any uzi on branco headquatres that or hoboken blocks.
  • Hey Killerclaw.. im in there with you bro.. hit me up when u wanna.. GT: Juggalo Ninja 7
  • Im willing 2 help anyone boost this and any other online acheevos , as I need some myself . Im almost online anytime , jus shoot me a msg . GT: GMP ApolloCreed
  • lmao I still haven't gotten this yet. Send an invite to Super Nintendog and I'm down to boost this now
  • looking to boost max payne 3 online achievements GT: LILMACDEMON
  • looking to boost for all online achievements HunterDeMatteo
  • Let me know if you want to boost all achievements: ChainsawBuddha
  • Want to boost add me BabyStripes
  • If you wanna boost add me VnP HyBriiDz
  • Looking to boost this GT: Bu5hranger
  • I still need this and a few other achievements. Willing to boost. GT Begformercy6989
  • Looking for other players who also want to do the online achievements. Send me a message or add me if you're interested. GT: iHeineken91
  • Looking to boost the online achievements including the DLC GT: TheGame0818

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