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    Won A Wager

    In the Gang Wars playlist you can place a wager in between rounds by pressing , all you need to do is win a wager and this achievement will unlock. Wagers are bets you can place on one of three random players, example: 'Who will get the first kill?' and other random bets. 

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  • I Bet You Lose!!!
  • Always bet on black.
  • I bet on myself to travel the most distance, literally sprinted the entire match and somehow didnt die in the process of all this. But it said I lost the wager. I'm convinced it's broken
  • got this achievement on my first try. it was pure luck. bet on some random dude to have the most assists and he did, lol.
  • Got this during the Rockstar event...first time playing Gang Wars, I dont even know what the bet was I just hit X and clicked a thing I knew I got a cheevie lol
  • I came on here looking for answers for this one lol and it was so confusing. I never seen my own name to bet but seen one dude's name twice so I ended up betting on him twice and bang, chievo achieved :)
  • How do you actually bet a wager?? Might just be me being stupid but I can't seem to find out?
  • #7 - during gang wars, before each round, press X to bring up available wagers. You can bet on one of 3 people (I think it's random who you get and what the wager is). You can wager once per round, so you'll have 5 chances during each gang war match. I got this with a friend. Wager on them to do something (the one I got was easy - fewest deaths, so you just hide) and then let them know to try and do the thing that you wagered on. Or you could just keep wagering on people randomly and eventually you'll get it. Good luck! :)
  • #8 thanks Alot, I didn't see it there in the bottom corner. Yeah I got this achievement for placing a wager on something and someone random :) thanks again.
  • so this only works in gang wars and you can wager at the beginning of each round?
  • Got this on my first bet, I picked the cheapest payoff because it's the most likely winner. I understand I got luckier than most, but this still should come pretty quickly.
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