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    Achieve Level Rank 50

    While playing multiplayer you earn XP which levels you up. Once you hit level 50 this achievement will unlock. To get XP quicker try to complete multiplayer Grinds, they award you with XP and some with generous amounts.

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  • Hopefully the connections & matchmaking will be good or else this one will be a real Payne... Yeah that sucked, I know.
  • If anyone wants to boost this day one msg me. GT = Nevander
  • nope
  • @2 my friend that is the single most upsetting thing I have ever read! Rather than playing a game and mop up the remains later, playing it how it's supposed to first, you want to sit and grind to level 50 on day 1!? I do not envy you...
  • yeah it's no fun if you get to level 50 in one day and by boosting.
  • Never said I was planning to have fun playing shitty MP. That's why I want to boost day one. I bet there will be a super easy and quick way to boost. I want to do it before they figure it out and patch it.
  • This will be a PITA to get unless R* have made massive improvements to their online code since RDR/GTA4!!
  • Rockstars online code is fine. RDR & GTA:IV was fun online and this will be too.
  • I hate that every game with tacked on multiplayer needs to have one of these shitty grindfest achievements tacked on with it.
  • Shit...
  • @9 then just don't get the online achievements...Just worry about the single player one's. Or do getting these achievements somehow give you self-worth? like your actually accomplishing something in the real world? Sure they can be fun to get..but i dont go out of my way to boost on day one to get something that already sounds easy to get.
  • i hope u get 2 unlock a bunch of stuff online
  • Boring...
  • @11 Why are people getting offended by other people complaining about multiplayer? #9 is right, tacked on multiplayers take time away from the developers to do anything fun and instead of having more fun single player achievements they added an unfun grind. I'm going to play this but I sincerely wish this achievement didn't exist.
  • @14- all i'm saying is why do you have to get this achievement. If it sounds boring/tedious/pain-in-the-ass to get, why not just let it go. No need to 1000 every single game you play.
  • This won't be that hard we'll just have to grind through it
  • @15 Silence you dont understand bro... its an OCD thing lol, you must try to get 1000/1000. If having 45/46 achievments and a score of 975 wouldnt drive you absolutley NUTS than you are on the wrong website my man lol
  • Thats what probly going to happen day one gamers getting on and boosting the living crap out of it lol! To all those achievement hunters out there i know this is a site about achievements but i not lay awake at night just because i not finished every game 1000G. I play games because i like them and the added achievements are a nice extra, and truth told what good it will bring you in lets say 10 years if you reached over 23000G or more it won,t even buy one a dry cookie, and if rumors are right MS is thinking about dropping achievements in the next-gen so thats fine by me realy. just saying no offence against anybody that hunting achievements ppl ;)
  • They're not going to do away with achievements. No chance
  • ill be on tonight if you guys want to get some multiplayer achievements. gamertag lumpycrown
  • @18 I haven't heard rumors about the achievement system being dropped. It wouldn't bother me, but it could backfire on MS as alot of players might just stick with the 360 to pop achievements. Unless they disabled them acoss the board, but then why up arcade games to 400G?
  • I used to grind achvs like so many others out there, but as soon as i hit 50,000 Gamerscore i said that's it! I'm out. But then Max Payne 3 was released, and now I need to 100% this thing! JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS OUT, THEY PULLED ME BACK IN! ;D
  • Whoa Whoa Whoa guys...I agree with #18. All i'm saying is number 9 made a comment about grinding this out on day 1. To me, that's ridiculous. If you guys agree that this achievement should be grinded day 1 then i feel sorry for you and i'm sorry that i offended you. Go ahead...grind this 50 levels out on day one...have fun, accomplish something. Make yourself proud.
  • @18 if it dont bother u, then delete your account from this site, i dont fuckin understand when people say they dont care about achievements, well y the fuck r u on a achievements site????????????????DUH y u think people here are for....
  • Yeah like #24 said. Why the fuck would you go out of your way to make an account on achievement site if you really don't care about them. Yeah I am an achievement whore and I don't care. I DO feel proud when I max out a games achievements you know why? So I can get my money's worth in a game. Achievements add replay value to a game which I love. People think its cool to bash others because they're achievement whores and want to get the most out of their game. Let other people do what they want in their life and you do what you want in yours. Back on topic here this achievement seems hardly worth it for a measly 25G but whatever. If anyone needs people to play mp with send me a friend request. GT is: SmileLikUhDonut. Oh and don't bother if you don't have a mic. Peace gamers!
  • @25 thank u lol very well said
  • @25 thumbs up
  • @25 so boosting to level 50 adds replay value? fucking dumbass
  • @28 it does exactly that kim peek. I am down if there is a way to boost this, I am already at level 15 add GT: Wisenheimer10
  • @25 Also achievements are not there for "replay value" they are put there by microsoft so that your account has a value. If there was no achievements in games people would have no real connection to there Xbox Live account, so by giving it a fake value that makes people want to keep their accounts. I like to go for achievements myself, but I would never boost a multilayer to level 50? The multilayer IS the replay value, getting up the levels is replay value, the achievement is just a nice thing added on.
  • Looking to get this achievement out of the way so i can get back to Ghost Recon FS mutiplayer. Looking to boost- GT: TOPPDOGG008
  • I don't understand how people say MP takes dev's time away from a game's SP campaign? You realize that most developers have entirely seperate teams to work on these aspects of thr game right?
  • MS should start taking ms points as stock value. People with higher scores are reoccurring customers, so why not give a little reward every now and then. Like a free arcade game after so many points or a few free months of gold membership. But thats just wishful thinking. What got me into achievements in the first place was that I would get a katana on my halo dude after all chievos. Now I have OCD/ like the challenge but would like to see sOme sort of reward rather than points that, let's face it, no one looks at. I do sort of compete with one friend on chievos On a side note multiplayer is fun, eventually I'll get this one as long as people still plAy this game.
  • I agree with #30. No one here said they don't like achievements, or like #24 said, you shouldn't be here. People are simply saying that boosting a level 50 rank achievo on day one is pathetic and borderline retarded. Wait till the game comes out for a bit to see, maybe the multiplayer kicks ass and you want to play the shit out of it and getting to level 50 is a breeze. Everyone likes getting achievements, but if you are going to do it in a cheap way on launch day, don't publicly announce it or you are likely to get ridiculed.
  • If you hate online just play chapter I on score attack and if you get a platinum it is 750 xp. That's probably the fastest way without online
  • Only reason I like stacking up on achievements is because it makes the game a lot of fun, out of my whole game collection I've got a handful of 100% achievements - not too bothered, had fun playing the game! and I'm aim for 100% with Max Payne, because it's my all time favorite game franchise :D good luck everyone!
  • i've stopped getting experience online at level 49 what the hell is going on?
  • #36 - There's two problems with that. 1-the cut scenes last longer than life (I've cooked dinner, done the washing and the washing up, cleaned the floor and cut the grass waiting for those things to end after the 3rd playthrough. 2-Hardcore New York Minute. Finishing that on one playthrough is gonna be more than bloody annoying. It's a very good game but Rockstar are generating some really bad feeling from their un-skippable cut-scenes.
  • #37 same here, but on rockstar social club on my stats still shows I getting xp.... Hope it unlocks
  • @#37 - same thing here. Do you know if you have to complete the single-player campaign for this? It is strange, I am at level 49, but the rank progress bar shown between matches is just a solid grey with the "49" on the left but no "50" on the right. It is kind of bizarre. Just curious if anyone has seen this. I personally bailed on the SP campaign near the end because it was becoming tedious, and the story, such as it is, was not the least bit compelling. I guess if I have to finish it, I will, but I had hoped to return to it after I had forgetting the tedium. Like #39 my xp does show up in the social club. I figured I would play another few matches to see if something happens.
  • As an update to the discussion stared with #37, #39 & #40 - it's just glitched appearance wise. Keep playing, you will get to level 50 and it will pop (including the achievement). Then just back out to the top level multi player menu and you can then enter legendary.
  • Uhhh , another tedious achievement. Luckily for them, I feel like I HAVE to max out every game I play lol Hmu if anyone wants to play, boost, etc. Im a level 12. GT: GMP ApolloCreed
  • Just play it will come....just enjoy the game
  • Ok im confused today i reached rank 50 whilst i was playing gang wars i made my final kill seconds before the end of the match and went straight into to end cut scene. No achievement popped, when i went back to the menu i saw the legend option so i thought maybe that has to be activated now ive lost everything and back a legend level 1 does that mean its all screwed now HELP??
  • What is the fastest way to boost this? Also will the boosters be put into the cheaters pool?
  • i will help anyone out with online achievments just hit me up anyday i b3trayed i
  • Has this achievement glitched for anyone else?
  • complete achievement is glitched for me too. have u got your achievement lamthespudman?
  • there will be a game event session for rank up 50 level and reach to 10 legend if anyone who are interested send me an message XBL (xbox live) we will work together as a team-work date to attempt event Nov 25th 10am CST GT: pistolchris54
  • For anyone who deeply disliked the MP for it being way too unbalanced (like me), another option is to play New York Minute on the Hoboken Chapter. it takes like 4 mins to finish this session, and nets you 1000xp if you get platinum score.
  • Looking for other players who also want to do the online achievements. Send me a message or add me if you're interested. GT: iHeineken91
  • I know a way to boost! GT: SammyDy
  • Looking for a way to boost GT: DactylicBeast
  • Looking for boosting partners for the online achievements. Gamertag: Akashic Buster
  • Looking for someone to help me to play 1 online multiplayer match. I have reached level 50 with score attacks, but appearently the achievement will only unlock if i jump into a multiplayer game, which looks impossible as i couldnt find a single person playing the multiplayer. If you are willing to help i can help you back with something. Gamertag: InaneVelen

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