Dearest Of All My Friends Achievement

  • Dearest Of All My Friends



    Kill Someone On Your Friends List

    This can be done in any multiplayer playlist. All you have to do is kill someone from your friends list once and this achievement will unlock. Deathmatch would be the easiest to get this on, just join a game and then get a friend to join in with you then kill them.

    You could also invite players in the Deathmatch to be your friend and delete them after the match.

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  • lol thats a really funny one no hard feelings man i have to let u go wait cant we just boom dead.
  • Vlad. Oh how much I hated him by the end of the Fall of Max Payne.
  • Since I don't know anyone on my list getting this game, someone add me: BiggD83. That way we can get this done when it comes out!
  • This means it must be easy to get on separate teams, which also must mean it will be easy to boost. If anyone wants to boost msg me. GT = Nevander
  • Knowing the PS3 site doesn't have the trophies up yet, I be getting this on the PS3 so add me if you like. SegaSaturn617
  • Add FearNickB if anyone needs this, i need it too
  • Don't you want to actually play the game?
  • add Born On Fire (let me know youre from here, put Max or x360a or something in the request)
  • I saw somewhere there is a special ability you can pick that gives you points for betraying your you dont have to worry about geting on differnt teams. This will deff be my frist max payne 3 chevo.
  • this will b ez without boosting just inv a bunch of friends
  • in real life? x.x
  • Add me GT= xxhallowickedxx can't wait for this game to come out.
  • No friends of mine I know are getting this. If you would like to get this and maybe start a gang thing on the game with me add me! GT: SmileLikUhDonut
  • gamertag "lumpycrown" ill be on tonight after mud night release/
  • Gamer tag xDemiurge.
  • hey guys add me at GT; Hilbert13 to get this achievement
  • I am a UK based XBOX player, none of my friends are getting this awesome game for some reason, so add me if you want to boost this: Eternal Turnip I might not have the game until next week though :-(
  • I'll play with some people add my GT The Harvey Show
  • I help anyone who is trying to get this achievement thats what a good gamer would do GT: Honor008
  • gamertag: jbachorski91
  • would love help with this too GT: Chibi Vivi
  • just in case anyone has been waiting to get this, you can invite anyone (regardless of if they have Max Payne 3). i sent an invite to my second player profile on my 360 and it popped.
  • I'll help you if you need this, if you help back. ;) GAMERTAG: TSC FR0STBiTE
  • I'll help you if you need this, if you help back. GAMERTAG: KILLERCLAW
  • i could use it now^^(you Know That) Add me:SerkizB You help me,i Help you
  • I'll be getting MP3 tomorrow and dont have friends who have this. add me and we can get this and play some gang wars together GT: DMichaels86
  • I'll help you if you need this, if you help back. :):):):):) Gamer-tag is: T0MBraider
  • gamertag: LoftierPyam
  • i have it already, but i can help! gt: crimeisking007
  • I'll help with this. GT: TheEpithite
  • need this as well gt: MUSTARD TYYGER
  • would like to get this also GT: daquijones 1980
  • Same GT: Keevin93
  • I'll help with this just add me and invite me to a game :D GT Josh Spartan1 and put MAX in the request
  • max payne 3 is hands down the worst online multiplayer game i have ever played
  • I can do this with anyone real quick, send me a message GT: Shoot em all up
  • Still need this and wouldn't mind crewing up! Gamertag: jupr1
  • Ide like to do this quick please. Add me: Gone4aDuck
  • EASY WAY TO GET THIS .... PLAYTYPE = Gangwars (More chances of killing someone). When game starts press the "back button" on your controller to view the other team. Pick a couple of gamertags you wanna slay (I went for lower level people than me). Hit the guide button on your controller. Slide along to the "recently played" with list (One after your "friends list"). Find the gamertag of your victim or victims. Invite as friend. Go back to game and slay the selected gamertags. It should pop! The gamertags don't have to accept your friend request for this to work! Took me two mins to get ... popped the motherfucker in the head with the FMP! :)
  • If anyone wants to get this with me, just add Handsome Muffin
  • I added someone in a deathmatch with a message asking them to just let the request pend during the match.
  • i shoot a random and got it
  • add me my gt > AlphaBadWolf v2 looking to boost for this and Ghost Recon Future Solider
  • I have nobody on my friends list with this game, so I could use help getting this achievement. Add GT Sacred Uniform and say you are there to help with Max Payne 3.
  • looking to boost this and other max payne 3 achievements, will help get achievements for other games GT: LILMACDEMON
  • ill boost it, stupid its so easy and i still need to boost msg L LAZY ZOMBIE L
  • Need help,add me Christian21J and let me know that you are from x360a
  • If anybody still looking for this I am happy to sacrifice myself if someone willing to do likewise. GT - danallias - send msg mentioning max 3 or something similiar
  • I too am looking for help with the achievements. None of my friends have the game. For anyone who wants to do this my gamertag is UpsideDownGhost. I'll help anyone willing to do the same. as #48 mentioned, just say MP3 cheevo's or something like that. Thanks everyone in advance who doesn't mind helping.
  • Anyone out there still want to do this cheat my gamertag is SkepticalJAY
  • if anyone wants to help me with this add mikesurbroski89
  • I made a video playing the theme from this game next to Alice: Madness Returns. Interesting, but WARNING to younger people: There's a high pitched feedback sound that I couldn't hear because I'm old. Sorry.
  • Looking to do all MP achievements including all DLC achievements GT:Darkslayer29
  • Looking for other players who also want to do the online achievements. Send me a message or add me if you're interested. GT: iHeineken91

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