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    Flawless Team Gang Wars Victory

    In the Gang Wars playlist there are 5 rounds of objectives were you and your team compete against another team. For this achievement you and your team will need to win all 5 rounds in one game.

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  • Win the five rounds in this mode to get the achievement.
  • Sweep the leg :P
  • This one takes a bit of luck and a good team. I managed to get it tonight (and that was with two rounds being delivery, which usually screw me over), but yeah, I've had a few cases where we'd get 4/5 rounds and it was always the delivery one that would get us.
  • Can this be done in private?
  • does this need to be done with free aim? done it with soft lock and nothing popped
  • free aim or soft lock shouldn't matter I also was in a match with all wins but didn't get it. I figure you have to be in the game from the beginning (I came in during the second round)
  • Got this on my first Gang Wars. Flawless victory.
  • FUCK THIS GAME !! i start a game play normaly and win all round... at the last round the game change me and put me in the other team !! fuck this shit OMFG !
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  • It's hard to get this if u r playing w/ randoms
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  • I need help to get this achievement, add me, so we get it together. GT: iTz i MakeZ HD
  • one of the firt times playing gang wars and was lucky enough my team won the first 4 rounds, the last one was survivor or last man for the win. we had at least double the amount of lives they had, they were down to their last man and all of us intact, one by one we started going down until it was 1 on 1. the other guy was fucking invisible and needless to say I still dont have this achievement.
  • Just keep playing gang wars and you'll get it eventually
  • This seems simple enough, but the game has a habit of switching your team randomly!
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