You Push A Man Too Far Achievement

  • You Push A Man Too Far



    Don't Shoot The Dis-Armed Man

    On the last mission of the game, you will come to a part where you have to take out Becker who has the grenade launcher. When you approach him and the cutscene appears, do NOT shoot him. 

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  • Towards the end of the game when you fight Victor and his goons and grenade launcher Just let Max talk when the fights over and he'll die. BLAMO 'Chievo!!
  • I got this achievement by complete accident...didn't even notice the red dot until it was too late.
  • Same. I didn't know I could shoot him. I thought it was just a cutscene.
  • I got this because I didnt want to interupt max's dialogue.
  • @#4 Same here lol
  • @#4 Same here
  • Haha yup too engrossed to shoot at that point
  • if i didnt know about the achievement, i'da blown his fukin brains out. 2nd time round oh he's getting it.
  • Ditto #4 although I also guessed it was an achievement since it was the first time I really had a choice in killing a guy. Usually you spare or kill important guys during a cutscene.
  • I'm like you guys. I just thought it was a cut scene.
  • I just shot his brains out before Max even started talking
  • I was waiting for Max to finish talking before I shot him but it was too late haha
  • i just set the controller down for the cutscenes in this game
  • If for some reason you miss it (or want the satisfaction of shooting him in the face over and over again) it's Chapter 14, Checkpoint 12.
  • I actually shot him and the achievement popped for me some how!
  • WTF? I was disgusted that Max became bum-chums with that vile psycho Serrano after he'd executed Fabiana in cold blood, right in front of you - you know, the girl whose rescue was THE WHOLE POINT OF THE GAME! So, you had no choice but to let Serrano get away scot free. Then they expect you to just walk away from Becker too!? Who made this game Rockstar Studio Gandhi? ...Luckily, I shot him the moment Max started talking, stopping his drivel dialogue, and got the achievement anyway.
  • I pressed trigger during the cut scene and achievement popped up, but the cut scene still was going on.

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