Tier 1 Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Tier 1



    Completed the campaign on Tier 1 difficulty


    How to unlock Tier 1

    First off, if going for all achievements in the game, you'll want to complete Hardcore mode first, using the USB memory stick trick. After that, all you'll have to do is reload the last mission on Tier 1 difficulty and complete it to unlock the achievement. Tier 1 is like hard but there's no HUD.

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  • I didn't unlock any new difficulties after beating the campaign on normal, so I guess to unlock this and/or hardcore you have to beat the game on hard first.
  • I think it says that during one of the loading screens.
  • I did my first playthrough on Hard and both difficulties unlocked for me. Does anyone know if Tier 1 will stack with Hardcore?
  • Yes, completing the campaign on Tier 1 difficulty will stack the Hardcore achievements.
  • I stand corrected, they do not stack. You will have to play each difficulty separately.
  • I beat it on normal and didnt unlock the difficulty... I guess you need to beat hard to unlock it.
  • I finished a difficult level and nothing one Unlock
  • #7 you need to do the campaign on Hard to unlock Tier 1 and Hardcore
  • I finished it on hard and didn't unlock the 2 new difficulties?
  • so do these achievements stack?? i see alot of mixed answers? plzzz help
  • If you complete the game on Hard, it unlocks both Tier 1 and Hardcore. You can only start the first level on both of these difficulties as soon as they're unlocked. Also, beating the game on Hardcore will stack the achievements and net you the Tier 1 achievement as well, not vice versa. That should clear up some of the questions.
  • do i have to complete hardcore in one sitting or can i quit and reesume
  • @12. As long as you let it save at the beginning of a chapter you can quit out and restart when ever you like. JUST DON'T DIE!!!! lol
  • Is it on medium difficulty though?
  • My god so if you die on hard core it restarts the whole game
  • I just completed the game on hardcore and can CONFIRM, the achievements DO NOT stack, you will have to play over to get the Tier 1 achievement. Also, for those who don't already know, Tier 1 & Hardcore difficulties are unlocked by completing the campaign on 'Hard'.
  • You can just play last mission on Tier 1 difficulty to unlock this cheeve.
  • i did it on hard and nothing unlocked? help?
  • #18 check mission one for hardcore, you can only start mission one on hardcore
  • I played through the campain on hard and i unlocked Hardcore and Tier1.. Took me 5-6 hrs on hard to compleat the game and i got it... Now im almoust at the end of the game in hardcore, and tier1.. i hope i get the cheeve :D

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