Double Header Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Double Header



    Killed two enemies with one bullet in the Changing Tides mission

    How to unlock Double Header

    This achievement is pretty much scripted. During Mission 5: Changing Tides, you come to a part where your teammate asks you to take out both enemies using 1 bullet. Just wait for the shot to line up and take them out. If you fail, feel free to restart the checkpoint. NOTE: There are multiple ways to get this achievement, but this is the best way, especially if you are playing on hard.

    View the video below for additional info:

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  • Piece of cake, after crawling under a building you come to a area and Mother will say one bullet will take them both out. Make sure you hit down on the D-Pad to go to single fire first, then bam and achievement is yours.
  • Agree with Armyranger0126, very easy to complete. They line right up for you.
  • so the name and pic means its a double headshot but i guess you dont need to

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