Release the Kraken! Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Release the Kraken!



    Killed 20 enemies during the boat exfil in Rip Current

    How to unlock Release the Kraken!

    During Mission 6: "Rip Current" you will come to a part where you are put into a boat with a grenade launcher for exfiltration. At this point you must kill 20 total enemies before you get to the end of the mission. Just use LT to aim, and RT to fire, killing as many people as possible. If you come to the part where the boat starts reversing to avoid damage and have not unlocked the achievement, just restart the checkpoint.

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  • Line up enemies with the middle of the iron sight (x and y-axis) and you should be spot on, might need to aim a little higher for enemies farther away
  • Been doin this garbage for nearly 2 hours now, Ive done multiple runs that kill more ppl than all 3 of the video guides Ive seen but the achievement wont unlock, is this a lot easier to do playing on easy than it is on hard
  • Good Guide
  • Ya, this is alot easier on a lighter difficulty. If you try it on hard, you basically have to direct shot them, if you watch the video above, the blast radius is much greater.
  • Heres mine, i tired at least 20 times on hard, just couldn't do it, did it on Easy, got it first time heres the video
  • @1 great video. The single shot technique worked a lot better for me than holding down the trigger
  • i can't even do it on easy, i give up. this game is very average. ain't no call of duty
  • This is a hard one !! i am going to try and try.. its hard to hit some thing
  • @7: so because you suck and need aim assist, this game is average?
  • For real 7? MoH campaigns are so much better than the shanty CoD ones that don't even have a meaning behind them or the details to even put the players hands on the handle bars of a snowmobile. It's an achievement for a reason, so you have to try for it.
  • I'm with #9 and #10, every CoD gets more redundant and boring, this game has some grit to it, I died a few times playing on normal. I don't die playing CoD on any difficulty.
  • Tried it about 7 times in Hard, couldn't get it, got it on my second try on Easy. So easy seems to be the way to go for this one.
  • This is BS. Tried for 2h and nothing on easy.

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