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    Completed the campaign on Hardcore difficulty


    How to unlock Hardcore

    Your second playthrough will be on the hardest difficulty, Hardcore. This difficulty is not forgiving. It is like hard, but you will have no heads-up display. Also, dying will restart the entire campaign! But don't worry! Here's where you'll need a USB memory stick. This will be a long and tedious task, but will almost ensure that you get the achievement. Play Hardcore mode as you normally would. Anywhere from 1-3 times per mission, pause the game and back up to the main menu. The game will automatically save your position. Now go to your dashboard and copy your MoH:W save onto your USB memory stick. Now go back into the game, making sure to load it off of your hard drive, and continue to play. If you die, quit out, delete your old hard drive save, and replace it with the one of the USB stick. Just continue doing this until you manage to finish the campaign!

    Alternatively, you could try to complete this task legitimately, although it will be quite a challenge. Just try to stay back, never run out, and try to memorize all the big scripted sections.

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  • this is the really difficult achievements must beat the game without dying! if you die that's mean If you die it makes you start the Whole campaign again
  • It makes you start the whole campaign or just that mission you were in?
  • whole campaign!!
  • i thought that was the Tier 1 difficulty last time around. And hardcore was just the hardest campaign difficulty
  • lioooool this achievement is sick, it reminds me the old one MOH achievement 'finish all campaign missions under par time in T1 mode' but this one one is twice harder!!!!
  • Does anyone know if Tier 1 stacks with Hardcore?
  • El Grunto, I'm not sure, but I know that I noticed Hardcore is worth more gamerscore. So I think the question really is, "Does anyone know if Hardcore stacks with Tier 1?" Unless I'm mistaken.
  • If you complete the game on Tier 1 difficulty, you'll also get the Hardcore achievements as well.
  • shit. I just finished hardcore and now i know tier 1 stack with hardcore.
  • props to the person who can do the whole campaign without dying.
  • So do you have to do this in one sitting or what
  • Wait so if you do it on Tier 1 you get the Hardcore achevo? If so i'm going to do that instead, lol... Spent the past two days trying to do this on hardcore, twice dying within the final few missions on finding faraz I think the name is, and connecting the dots, so annoying. I did find out though you can just quit to menu if you are close to dying you can get away with it but at the cost of redoing the checkpoint but way better than the whole campaign again. I'll try on tier 1 and see if it works.
  • @10. Everyone can do the whole campaign without dieing. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to complete the game at all. The hard part is putting those non dieting checkpoints all in one play through. My question is, does anyone know at what point your considered dead? I know that sounds crazy. But I mean is it the very second the screen goes black and white? Or a second or two after? Sometimes I die in the blink of an eye. So didn't want to attempt this if you have to be lighting fast on the pause button. Cheers.
  • so do these achievements stack?? im seeing alot of mixed answers! plzz help
  • Have some bad news for anyone yet to start their hardcore play through. I started mine tonight, and I can confirm you can no longer use the "quit before you die" option. During a chapter the option to restart checkpoint is greyed out. As an experiment I quit after I got the "unstoppable" chievo back to the main menu. And it said I could continue mission from the start of the current chapter on hardcore. Now the problem i have now and the answer I REALLY need is.......... If I die will i loose all save progress and have to start from chapter 1? Or...... Will I just start at the beginning of the last "unfinished" hardcore chapter? lol. I don't dare continue my play through till I get that answer!!!!!!!!!
  • Alright guys, to the people who are asking if you can beat campaign on tier 1 difficulty, you will get both the acheveos for that and hardcore, but sadly, that is not the case... For me anyhow as I just finished on Tier 1 and no Hardcore achevo popped up (Which I knew would happen anyway.) Secondly : If you die at all you DO restart from the beginning of the campaign, no matter if you are on the last mission you go all the way back @15. If you think you are going to die, pause and quit to the menu. It will put you back at your last checkpoint so that's better then dying and having to restart it all again. Also don't wait to long to pause, trust me. I was on Finding Faraz and paused it a little bit to late and even though I didn't see the message saying you died, restart to the cam
  • *I didn't see the message saying you died, restart to the campaign. It still put me back there. Good luck all.
  • little trick ( i will do in this way) :at the begin of a chapter, quit and copy the savegame in a usb drive, if you die simply replace the sav.
  • Ok. So I got all the way to "connect the dots" without dieing, it looked like I was gonna die in the chopper. So I quit to main menu. And now the only option I have is to start a new campaign. Screen was only red. Defo not black and white. Can't be arsed to attempt that again. But does anyone know for sure if I was to pick up from that mission on tier 1 I would get the tier 1 chievo? Really pissed off now! Don't mind not being able to get something if I'm not good enough. But after 8 missions done, I've been screwed! :(
  • Well it's sure, you have to do tier 1 and hardcore in 2 different gameplays. Use m6 strategy, when you begin a level, quit and copy the savegame,, if youmdie you copy the usbdrive savegame and you delete the old. Do this for all the chapters.
  • Dont think they stack as the tier 1 mode is different, you have no hud or indictions for nades etc
  • Damn this looks harder than i thought. Might try that save file thing though looks like a good way to do hardcore mode! Bit of a cheat really but if it works it works!
  • What Difficulty is the game in when you play in hardcore mode?
  • Didn't know you had to beat the game on hard for this. :/
  • This achievement, is a pain. But somewhat fun to try to get although i'm frustrated at the same time lol
  • Another little trick insted of moving your save around on a usb like #18 suggest is just wait till you see the message saying you died, dont hit ok just exit straight to the dashboared and then start the game back up it will take you right back to your last check point.
  • Never mind apprently i just got lucky a few times and it dident save when i died.
  • I just completed the game on hardcore and can CONFIRM, the achievements DO NOT stack, you will have to play over to get the Tier 1 achievement. But I have a tip for those who may struggle, On Xbox, take a USB storage device and plug it into your Xbox, and configure it for Xbox storage in the storage menu on the dashboard. Then, when you see the save icon appear in the top right hand corner of the screen when in play, wait till it disappears then pause and return to the main menu. Then dashboard it and go to storage again. Go into main hard drive and find medal of honor in 'Games & apps' Then COPY the save onto your USB and return to the game. When you die, dashboard it and COPY the save from your USB onto your hard rive, then you are back at where you started this process. Do this as often
  • ^^As you wish, but the longer you wait the further you will be set back
  • Not sure if anyones really asked this yet but power off xbox before it saves as you're dying then reload game? Work or nay?
  • Also doing hardcore and tier 1 in one playthrough would make it 8times harder no? Having to finish the mission under par time and all whilst on hardcore difficulty? Much rather do 2 playthroughs and tier 1 on easier diff if that possible?
  • When you enter the menu after you died in Hardcore can you still go to the dashboard without clicking any button and go back onto the game and still play from the checkpoint or did Danger Close do something about it?
  • Can you not just choose each mission and do it on Hardcore so you dont have to do it worry about doing it in order or worry about dying. For instance could I not choose a single mission at a time and play on hardcore in the end I would have completed all the missions on hardcore and wouldnt have to woory about dying.
  • Anyone know the answer to #33 "Can you not just choose each mission and do it on Hardcore so you don't have to do it worry about doing it in order or worry about dying. For instance could I not choose a single mission at a time and play on hardcore in the end I would have completed all the missions on hardcore and wouldn't have to worry about dying" ??????
  • Ok help out im confused. Is HARD=HARDCORE??? and do you have to beat on HARD to get the TIER 1 option?? I only see EASY, NORMAL, HARD for my difficulty options.
  • can the xbox memory unit be substituted for a usb stick?
  • Are you shitting me? I've beaten many games on their hardest difficulties, even "Halo Reach" and all of them I would replay on their hardest difficulties than even trying this piece-of-shit achievement. How can one complete this without dying a few times? Only cheaters? Hell, even veteran gamers like myself can't go through any levels without dying a few times. No wonder this game flopped so badly and killed the MoH series. This achievement is just an ugly symptom of the disaster that Moh:Wftr was. There is no way I can even remotely come close to earning this achievement. No way. Not even if I was paying my utmost attention. It's like trying to play "Heart of The Reich" on Veteran Difficulty without dying once. Sorry but this achievement is a fraud, a joke, and complete bullshit on ever
  • challenge accepted
  • Fuck this achievement up the ass. The USB trick works great but it's just fucking unnecessary, I have a wife and kids, I only get an hour or so a day, and I spend half of that going back and forth from the dashboard. I'm gonna get this cheevo come hell or high water, but it's still fucking bullshit.
  • Got it, it's still bullshit.
  • haha this shit is bull shit. Whoever does this legit is a beast. I used a second hard drvie. I'm looking to get the apache acheivement. If you're interested add me. XBL gamertag same as user name here!
  • UPDATE ON A PREVIOUS POST: I finally beat this game on Hardcore and got the 80G achievement trophy. I got a spare USB drive and can tell you that the USB technique truly works wonders in beating this game on Hardcore. From my impressions, it is very similar to playing the Tier 1 mode of the Medal of Honor (2010) campaign except the damage stats are set a 'normal'. The main difference is that when you die on Tier 1 mode in the 2010 MoH game, you restart the whole mission. On Moh:Warfighter, you restart the ENTIRE CAMPAIGN. Thumb drive to the rescue. Using the 'save' technique and replacing the hard-drive save when you die or fail an objective, reduces 'Hardcore' from impossible to a typical pain-in-the-ass "Whatever!" adventure. I wrote in a previous post that this was impossible
  • Huh, I just started Hardcore, and I still have a HUD...
  • And I know it's in Hardcore, cause I purposely failed, to make sure it restarted the whole campaign. Is the guide wrong? And Hardcore is still supposed to have a HUD?

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