Leftover Lead Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Leftover Lead



    Completed the sniping section in Shore Leave without missing a shot

    How to unlock Leftover Lead

    During Mission 3: Shore Leave, the mission will end off with a sniper section. For this achievement you must kill all 7 marked enemies without missing a single bullet. Remember, you are able to kill unmarked enemies, and you can still get the achievement, but you are making it much harder for yourself. Remember to aim high to compensate for bullet drop, especially for the last two enemies and only shoot when they are standing still!

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyMmfKhmk7o Aim a little higher to adjust for the bullet's downward path
  • This one took me some time, but after you can figure out the distance to height for the aim, it's really pretty simple to get
  • Yup, account for bullet drop and you're set.
  • Heres how i got it guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v84pFz-s9Cs
  • Good Guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaafHClqKF0
  • Each black line on the crosshairs equates to 100m distance. So most shots mean using the lines either one or two below the centre. Easy. Oh, and the achievement pops a few seconds and a cutscene later than the achievement for completing the mission. I restarted by mistake thinking I must have missed. If ur sure you haven't screwed up, just wait!
  • Good call #6...Thx
  • After I killed the last guy the complete level achievement popped up. I had to wait through everything to finish to get the sniper achievement. So don't fire random shots into nothing just because you think you didn't unlock it, I almost made that mistake.
  • This achievement and game are a piece of shit. I'm glad it got a 5/10.
  • Interestingly I did *not* shoot all 7 marked targets for this to pop. I killed approx. 8-10 of the targets on the roof, but failed to get the last one before the chopper mowed him down. However, given that I had shot all of them *without* missing a shot, the achievement popped.
  • Can you reload your last checkpoint if yyou miss a shot?

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