On the Clock Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • On the Clock



    Completed the training in Through the Eyes of Evil in under 18 seconds

    How to unlock On the Clock

    During Mission 2: Through the Eyes of Evil (Training Mission), you will be asked to complete some very easy tasks during basic training. At the end, you will be asked to run an obstacle course, and after deductions your time must be 18.0 seconds or less. Before starting the course, switch to single shot (down on d-pad) and switch to iron sights for aiming. Run the course a few times and memorize the patterns, and aim for headshots. Eventually, you should be able to run the course very fast without reloading and getting mostly headshots. You will get 30 second of deductions if you get all 16 enemies with headshots.

    View the video for more information:

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYcf2eECC7k pretty easy, just make sure you take certain paths when going to the next set of enemies, as it affects your line of sight
  • ^thanks for the video link, i got 15.6, thought it was impossible until i found out you get 2 seconds off per headshot
  • Just Shoot and Move but getting all headshots and sprinting to each section
  • Really Good Guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAE_NtotiKA
  • Almost a carbon copy of cod4 / mw2 training! Like MW2 I found it easier with the pistol. You want to start the animation for breaching the door at about 36-38 seconds, with all targets downed with headshots.
  • 11.2 seconds! Just kept retrying, only took about 10 minutes
  • Heres how i got it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-TyXsZiiio
  • ok, I am not as professional as you guys, but what I did was to shoot first the civilians(blue targets), or at least the ones that are on your way, but don't worry they are not going to add seconds on your final time, then before restart the mission you have to switch to your heavy weapon and put it in single shot mode with the technical scope, this allow you to aim directly to the head target, you just don't rush yourself, sprint only in the (in between areas), don't rushhh again, take your time to shoot every target and make sure is a head shoot.

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