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  • Storm Watch



    Got through the sandstorm without hitting any vehicles in Hello and Dubai

    How to unlock Storm Watch

    During Mission 10: "Hello and Dubai" you will come to a part where you are driving on the wrong side of the highway (freeway) during a sandstorm. You must make it from the beginning to the end of this section without hitting any cars. This section is relatively short, and you can restart the checkpoint if you touch another car, or fail to unlock the achievement by the time you get to the exit ramp.

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  • At the very end of the tenth mission you will have to drive through a sandstorm. You may not hit any vehicles after the storm has fully developed. It's okay if you hit vehicles while the storm is still weak. The achievement pops after exiting the highway. Once you've left the highway stop your car and wait for your reward. Restart the checkpoint if it didn't work. If you keep driving the mission will end.
  • I pretty much followed the Security Captain since he's trying to block you out. He also clears a path since he doesn't want to get hit, too. Take it slow and just drive faster if the game is warning you that you're about to get caught.
  • easy just do what #2 said, or you can get ahead of him at first and just go full speed and avoid the cars
  • Good Guide
  • Heres mine
  • You can hit any of the barriers, several times in fact. Just don't hit any of the vehicles.

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