Master Locksmith Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • Master Locksmith



    Used each breaching option at least once

    How to unlock Master Locksmith

    Keep in mind that the achievement descriptions are reversed and you may not unlock these as you think you should. Most people will unlock "Master Locksmith" before "Room Service".

    There are 7 types of breach options, and you have to get breach headshots to further unlock the next option until you get all of them. To ensure that you will get enough kills in 1 playthrough, you want to ensure that you get about 2-3+ headshots per breach, and if you are unsuccessful, you can restart the checkpoint. These also transfer between playthroughs, so there's no big stress about missing it on your first time around.

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  • Guide :)
  • Strange already popped up before unlocking them all.. BTW @uJames why should we need a guide for this, it is so obvious what to do...
  • Well, you use the last breaching option on a wall. Funny.

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