The Axeman Achievement in Medal of Honor: Warfighter

  • The Axeman



    Killed 25 enemies with melee during the Campaign

    How to unlock The Axeman

    To melee an enemy, click  while not aimed down your sights. It is best to kill enemies from behind as it is risky otherwise, especially on higher difficulties. You need to kill 25 total enemies using melee to unlock this achievement. Good missions to boost this if you are having trouble are "Changing Tides" and "Bump in the Night" (Pistol Section).

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  • What mission would it be best to try and get this? And do the kills stay if you reset from checkpoint and kill the same people?
  • -Edit Easiest place to get this is at the beginning of "Changing Tides" difficulty does not matter.
  • BTW this is stackable. You can knife the same guy over and over again if you die.

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