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    Called in Apache support

    How to unlock All In

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter has an online feature called "Support Actions". These are acquired though gaining points, whether it be through capturing flags, assisting or killing enemies. For this achievement you have to call in the Apache Support which is the highest level of support (Level 4). You will need to gain a good amount of points within 1 life to attain this level, so I suggest playing conservatively, helping teamates, and trying to stay at a long range. I also suggest using the offensive support actions for levels 1-3, as they give you the best chance of gaining a large amount of points.

    Support Actions appear in the top left of your screen, and they are used by pressing  or .

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  • Well now the beta is out we know what that is! The top point streak reward. Not too hard, I even managed one in my first few games!
  • All silver coloured icons are MP achievements
  • Oh, ignore that, not they aren't :)
  • Bronze = easy / non missable Silver = a little challenge / missable Gold = Tough / requires grinding xp etc....
  • Im looking to get the multiplayer achivements hit me up ill help you on the also.
  • Here is a video of myself getting the choppa and I recommend that you do everything the same as I ahve gotten several choppers with this class and on this map
  • I need help add me and we can boost this
  • Im in for boosting, need 1st place aswell (im that shit). GT : Samphaa
  • online now. gamertag : buryingme. boosting with a buddy, have 2 other people in as well. going for mvp ach as well
  • Im trying to boost this achievement if anyone is up for it send me a friend requist and we see what we can do. Will also do other online achievements depending on the amount off people wanting to boost. Gamertag Wikusgray
  • How much kills you need to get that helicopter??
  • Anyone want to boost this? Just need 1 person. Gt: Atadaz777
  • 2,300 points.. :O
  • I will boost this. So many stupid glue bags on my team spoil every chance I can get.
  • looking to boost if anyone can help. Gt: BrandonJ30
  • Need 2 more to boost. Make sure you uninstall mp update first.Easier to get Gt: BrandonJ30
  • Easy one :)
  • gt-skullkru5h3r1 anyone want to boost?
  • It takes 1500 points in one life to get this. I got it twice today by sniping, i got 14 kills the first time and only 10 the second time. headshots/longshots are extra points. dont use offensive support unless you know you are going to hit a cluster of enemies.
  • Are you sure it's 1500 points? I got 1700+ and I could not use it.
  • Please need help,i have too much lag,my conexion is going through 3g movil tecnology and is IMPOSSIBLE to get it.Ping 220-250.Please add me,my gamertag is: SR PiMienTa
  • still need to get this one someone with a mic would be an awesome help
  • Looking for boosting partners for the online achievements. Gamertag: Akashic Buster

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